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Waylon Jennings Rough And Rowdy Days Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2012 12:00:00 PM

You keep barrelin' on and you don't look back
your mind is gone
and you're losing track of who you want to be
and you think you're free [x2 fading out at end]

when you still want more and you've done it all
you're kickin' doors and climbin' walls
you've gone far enough
you need to straighten up [x3 fading out at end]

Girl you came along and just in time
to show me the way
while I was wadin' through
my rough and rowdy days [x1 rough and rowdy days]

How can you know what life's about
when upside down is inside out
you know you need some help
you can't help yourself [x2 fading out at end]

[Chorus x2]