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Hey Ah Na Na Innocence is over Hey Ah Na Na Over

Hey Ah Na Na Ignorance is spoken Hey Ah Na Na Spoken

Hey Ah Na Na Confidence is broken Hey Ah Na Na Broken

Hey Ah Na Na Sustenance is stolen Hey Ah Na Na Stolen

Hey Ah Na Na Arrogance is potent Hey Ah Na Na Potent, yeah

Yeah, What I see is unreal I've written my own part Eat of the apple, so young I'm crawling back to start

Hey Ah Na Na I repent tomorrow Hey Ah Na Na Tomorrow

Hey Ah Na Na I suspend my sorrow Hey Ah Na Na Sorrow, yeah

Yeah, What I see is unreal I've written my own part Eat of the apple, so young I'm crawling back to start

Hey Ah Na Na A romance is fallen Hey Ah Na Na Fallen

Hey Ah Na Na Recommend you borrow Hey Ah Na Na Borrow, yeah

Yeah, What I see is unreal I've written my own part Eat of the apple, so young I'm crawling back to start

Hey Ah Na Na (4x)

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Just wonderful | Reviewer: Rain | 5/18/12

This is the best song of Jar of Flies, and it holds all of AiC in itself... Every moment I recall this tune, even when I don't actually hear it, it makes me feel terribly sorrowful. Like a death lullaby... But this is their magic. When you listen to Layne's voice you just realize there was someone who felt so much worse than you... Strange. Superb.

By the way, the lines "I'm crawling back to start" do mean death, IMHO. Oblivion, non-existence - the same thing that was before the birth. For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return...

I am extremely fond of Nirvana and Soundgarden, but if I were to choose the best "grunge" band I'd point to Alice in Chains. There had never been, and will never be anyone like them.

Rotten Apple: quintessentialy dark Chains | Reviewer: Cannibinor | 12/3/10

I was in high school when this band was at their most productive. I always liked their sound, but back then I was more into traditional metal. For a couple of years now, I have noticed that AiC has been getting a lot of play on my local classic rock stations. This serves as reminder that time passes no man by, as if I needed another reminder of that. On the bright side, it has prompted me to take a closer look at this band and I must admit, it has become a mild obsession.
My favorite Chains song seems to be constantly changing, but at the moment it is Rotten Apple. It epitomizes the bands sound. The verses are dreary and beautiful, with Staley's vocals blending perfectly with Cantrell's flawless guitar work; and then the tempo builds into the powerful chourus, in which Staley just seems to pour on the despair. Present throughout is a text book Alice in Chains baseline, which adds a groove to the brooding track. Other bands have used their formula, but none come close to matching AiC.
I tried to get into the bands work with their new singer, but i just can't do it. It's nothing against DuVall, he's just no Layne Staley. For me, Alice in Chains died with Layne. Fortunately they left behind an assload of great songs.

Every member of this band are great stand up people | Reviewer: Matthew McLean | 11/6/10

Jerry has laynes pet cat and seeing that on tv really touched my heart. Jerry, mike and sean will never be the same without you Layne! You are a legend and a dear friend to so many great souls in the music world. Many of us fans now and to come will look up to you dude. I hope youre rockin out with Dime.

Helpless | Reviewer: Deb | 9/30/10

This song breaks my heart whenever I hear it. Poor Layne was The Man in the Box, a man caught in the tight grip of addiction. Man in the Box is uglier than this tune, though, which is more sorrowful. I'm not sure why 'crawling back to start' would mean crawling towards death since death is the finish and not the start?? I always thought it meant he wanted to start over/clean the slate/kick the habit...but, sadly, it was not to be... R.I.P. and thank you for your songs, L.S.

Feelings | Reviewer: David | 7/20/10

I'll be honest; I started listening to Alice In Chains in January of 2010, so I'm really a beginner, but this band has grown to be one of my favourites very fast. This song, in particular, destroys me every time I hear it. I can't help but close my eyes and let my feelings stream through my body, feeling intense sadness and, often, anger about so many things that are problematic in this world.

I have the honour of watching AIC in September this year, and even though Layne, himself, won't be there, I know all of us, and the band, will feel his presence. He was a genius, and it truly is a shame that he no longer is with us. :o(

//David, Toronto

I now understand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

Well, after over 15 years I finally understand this song. I have hit a point in my life that Layne was probably at when he wrote this. Not saying I am on heroin or anything like that. This song is about being elevated above something that you did not know you were capable of and ultimately destroying your life (ie personal relationships) because of it. Falling into things such as excessive partying, infidelity, and arrogance. At some point you realize that what you had is what you really want and you have to "crawl" back.

The guy was an absolute genius. Amazing lyrics, as I go through life I listen to these songs and hit a point at which I understand their meaning with absolute clarity. The guy must have went through a lot in his short life.

Hopefully he is at peace and happy now.

I agree with that connor guy.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/09

the song makes me think a lot of man in the box for some reason. just the fact that he's talking about societies problems, except on the box he's talking about his own. along with the biblical reference, and the fact that they both give off a hopeless situation. i've been pretty depressed.. but layne had his own level of it. RIP, my friend

Wow really. Your Surprised | Reviewer: HR | 11/26/09

When music hits a certain spot in the Listeners soul it's mark will last for a Life time.
So why are some surprised that others still listen to These men.
The music holds a place in the Annals of Music and will endure well beyond Our days.No matter what accolades aren't foisted their way.
Enjoy it all for what it always was and is, something special to You and no one else.
Could say more and I won't this should be enough.

Rotten Apple | Reviewer: E | 7/31/09

I think that this song is about what Layne sees around him. He observes human society and feels that there is no hope for us. Since Layne was extremely empathetic, this fueled a sense of sorrow that was unbearable, especially if he had major depression.

Innocence is over. Ignorance is spoken. Confidence is broken. Sustenance is stolen. Arrogance is potent.

I repent tomorrow. I suspend my sorrow.

A romance is fallen. Recommend you borrow.

The first set includes observations of humans, the state of our society and our continual destructive actions. The second two describe the will to fight on, at least for individual happiness. The last two express his disillusionment, and he is basically saying that you should borrow while you can, and either enjoy yourself now or prepare for chaos.

Yeah, What I see is unreal
I've written my own part
Eat of the apple, so young
I'm crawling back to start

The apple is a biblical reference, not for any religious reason but because it is such a well known story. Now we crawl back to death, to Eden, to something that we hope can be stable and peaceful.

the man was a true vocal geniuss, n god! | Reviewer: Mr. Man | 6/2/09

i had the rare chance to meet the man layne himself 3 times.... he was so not the way some uninformed people would think someone on any drug would be.... a very special man, and as polite, and just amazing a person to say the least! even as he spoke person to person youd expect his voice to have that slight nervous sound as when he spoke on stage.... but when u talked to him in person his voice was just powerful vocally. we aall love u layne! R.I.P

necromagnum | Reviewer: Connor | 5/31/09

While I do agree that in rock music enunciation and pronunciation are oft-sacrificed, the line in Man In the Box is "Feed my eyes", and live you can here it a lot better. Love the talk box and harmonized vocals in this song. Beautiful.

Why does my review need a title? | Reviewer: necromagnum | 5/1/09

I just wanted to know if anyone else questioned the line, "A romance is fallen"? It sounds to me like he says "Aeromance", which isn't technically a word, but aeromancy is. Unfotunately, for my arguement, aeromancy is the prediction of the future by way of observing weather patterns (no, I don't just know this random, archaic word. I looked it up before I wrote this). This word doesn't fit with the rest of the song, but whenever I hear it, I just don't hear "A romance". Maybe "Air Romance", or "Aeromance". Maybe Layne just ran "a" and "romance" together for effect. They always put enunciation and pronunciation second to musical effect. Like in Man in the Box. Fee-ee-e-e-ade my eyes...

Layne is amazing | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/7/09

Ive been an AIC fan since 93, grew up in seattle but I was into hardcore punk at the time, my bro aought an AIC album and I instantly fell in luv. Layne and Jerry are amazing vocally, cant listen to them w/out feeling empty, I miss Layne so much! He knew he was dying :( RIP LAYNE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Hey ahhhh | Reviewer: Iinz | 12/9/08

I grew up in Oregon during the 90s so I was exposed to plenty "grunge", "seattle sound", "alt rock", whatever you want to label this.

I never really thought of AIC as a grunge sound personally... but the time and place are "grunge" to me. Wet soggy Pacific northwest... liberal thinking.... 90's... just the chillness of it all.

My older brother got me into AIC when I was in elementary school. After reading some of AIC's lyrics on here I can't believe he let me even listen to them considering how over protective he was of what I listened too.

Anyway, this song is fantastic and it reminds me of home and family and the overcast, grey PacNW.

my love goes you, guys! | Reviewer: Nicholas | 8/1/08

Alice in Chains .... I grow up with Grunge like Pearl Jam, Nirvane, Stone Temple Pilots, but i did'nt listen to AiC that much. Now! I realized what a great band they were/are! The lyrics just kicks ash together with the music! Thanks.. and rest in peace! Nix Copenhagen

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