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Alkaline Trio Rooftops (HWM Cover) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/27/2003 07:00:16 PM

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I got the scars to remind me.
I've watched the clocks go around.
I walked myself through some days that have put me where I am, in another time
in another place.
All things might have been in place.
But for now i'm finding myself up here standing on a rooftop screamin...

Hey world are you listening? Listening to me! I'm here and i'm hurting to
begin again.

It's another time it's another place.
We are making more old days, but for now I'm finding myself out here stending
on the doorstep screamin..

hey world i'm ready to listen,learn something new. I'm here and I'm willing to
get myself through.

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