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Daddy Yankee Rompe Remix Lyrics

Last updated: 07/02/2007 12:00:00 PM

[daddy yankee]
Bienvenidos al Remix!
Cartel Records!
Se unieron las fuerzas mas grandes de la Industria!
We're ready!
Salte del medio, okay!?

Daddy Yankee at the ready
Lloyd Banks at the ready
Young Buck at the ready
Yeah, yeah, and I'ma ready
G-Unit at the ready
Cartel, 'tamos ready
This is the remix!

Rompe, rompe, rompe
Bien guillao!
Rompe, rompe, rompe
Ese cuerpo yal, oh
Rompe, rompe, rompe
Bien guillao!
Are you ready?

Rompe, rompe, rompe
Break it down!
Rompe, rompe, rompe
The way you move it yal, all
Rompe, rompe, rompe
Break it down!
Let's go...

[Lloyd banks]
See, me (oh!)
I'm on the crowd like one of these, roll up
See all the money in my jeans full up, hold up
Dont' getcha eyes swole up
Hold Black & Blue on the bottom
I love the beef, niggaz smackin you ain't the problem
I've got family in the Bronx, say
And Family in the city, New Yiddy,
The home, o' Big L with Biggie, uh
I'm so pretty, pinky ring about 50,
doin' 50 in the lap
With D. Y. on the track

My boo,
No se limita a la hora de romper su pum-pum
Con curvas mas calientes que su... right-thru'
EnseƱame si tienes la actitud, mami
Dale go, dale go, dale go, go
See, naah

[young buck]
All my Porto-Rican people holla "Vamos!"
My Ghetto Report Card, i made the honor roll (yeah)
It's gettin hot in here
Shorty takin' off her clothes,
Shake what you momma gave ya,
Make me holla "Whoa!"
We got the whole club outta control (c'mon)
And Daddy Yankee got me smokin that Boricua dro (boricua!)
I got my G-Unit boots on
So you can get stomped
Or you can quit playin'
And come on and get crunk, yeah!

[Repeat Chorus]

Pegate para aca mujer
Mira lo que tu tienes que hacer
Tirala a la matar con la cara que me tienes
Rompe que rompe ese nalgaje
Esto se va hasta el amanecer
Claro que si, que estamos bien
Y en las manos te pongo un negocio
Que te conviene, ma' de buena fe

If you gimmie that
I'll give you some of de esto
If you gimmie that
I'll give you some of de esto
If you gimmie that
I'll give you some of de esto
Como dicen los boricuas
Te vo'a dar guaya--ke-ke!

pasa no great than this oh welled up on my poler it's shiten over this it's all over by the beef but as on the polker ass I don't give fucking G by the O the of the D it spells shity dog on this shit hold up on your eyeses ass bitch racked on floor n your hand is swold up like a red fuckin balloon

De Puerto Rico a Los Angeles
De New York al Ghetto Style
Este guerrero Latino ha representao'
Muero de pie antes de vivir arrodillao
Y tu eres feka (yeah!)
Mas feka que Shagnan down
Ando con el G-Unit que es la Unidad Gorilla
Combinacion perfecta de los real killa'
Las matematicas son faciles, no seas bruto papi
4 menos 3 es igual al "Cangri"

[Repeat Chorus]

Who's this?
Who's this?
You know who's this!
(You know!)

Oh, oh!
"En Directo"!
Oh, oh!
Daddy Yankee, yo!
Lloyd Banks!
Young Buck!
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