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My Chemical Romance Romance Lyrics

Last updated: 05/08/2008 11:00:00 AM


Thanks to ma|ev0lenT* for submitting Romance Lyrics.

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perfect | Reviewer: the beast | 5/8/2008

this song is the perfect song choice to begin mcr's phenomenal road to stardom. even though it's not their original song, they make it their own. gerard usually improvises lyrics when they perform it live.

It's actually a classical guitar he's playing | Reviewer: Helmee Bluth | 2/15/2008

This was not written by MCR. This is a classical piece, perhaps from the 1800's. Though, Ray Toro certinly does a beautiful job playing it. His performance of this song is the reason I wanted to learn it.

Beautiful song!

wow | Reviewer: mina | 6/14/2007

i love my chemical romance but why s it just a accoustic?????? oh well its nice!

WOW | Reviewer: Maria | 4/4/2007

OMG i love these guys....can anyone say: better than a snow cone on a hot summer's day??