Rod Stewart Lyrics

BORN: January 10, 1945, London, England

b. Roderick David Stewart, 10 January 1945, Highgate,
London, England. The leading UK rock star of the 70s
started his career as an apprentice professional with
Brentford Football Club (over the years Stewart has made it
known that football is his second love). Following a spell
roaming Europe with folk artist Wizz Jones in the early 60s
he returned to join Jimmy Powell And The Five Dimensions in
1963. This frantic R&B band featured Rod playing furious
harmonica, reminiscent of James Cotton and More...

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Review about Rod Stewart songs
Faith of the heart | Reviewer: Barbara
    ------ About the song Faith of the Heart performed by Rod Stewart

First time I heard it was as theme tune for Enterprise, and I've loved it ever since. Russell Watson's version isn't bad, but he can't beat Rod Stewart's, fab-u-lous!!!!!

Rod back | Reviewer: Tony connolly
    ------ About the song It's Over performed by Rod Stewart

The great lyrics by rod touch a nerve to all who have been through this sorry time lets hope you the reader haven't been on the end of this , fantastic song top class bum , where have you been rod , keep the writing and performing up your the best at what you do , a life long fan , miss the old vinal

preference | Reviewer: theoctopuskid
    ------ About the song Faith of the Heart performed by Rod Stewart

I have recorded and watched all the episodes of Star Trek Enterprise inspired by the opening song and montage. I think both fit perfectly. Sure we all love Rod Stewarts voice but Russell Watson's phrasing is infinitely superior and produces a stunning version even if it a 'cover'. (I carry on pass the intro just to see Jolene Blamore!!!)

Wow | Reviewer: Lola
    ------ About the song The Killing Of Georgie (Part I and II) performed by Rod Stewart

I have hummed along to this song for years. I heard the lyrics for the first time tonight and had to come home and google the lyrics to get the story straight. What a bold song that came along before its time. Rod Steward rocks! You are a beautiful man...inside and out.

Brighton Beach | Reviewer: PGP1N
    ------ About the song Brighton Beach performed by Rod Stewart

This is a great song with personal lyrics that meant a great deal to Rod Stewart. The tune is in my opinion soft and in tune with the lyrics. As an addition this song is on the "Time" album which is one of Rods best.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song THE KILLING OF GEORGIE performed by Rod Stewart

The near-rhyme (e.g. 'night-hype', 'home-wrong', 'there-cares' is an attractive feature of a lot of Rod's lyrics. And you have to give Rod credit for speaking out against homophobia when it was not yet fashionable to do so.

Prefer Watson Russell version | Reviewer: ssamayoa
    ------ About the song Faith of the Heart performed by Rod Stewart

Prefer Watson Russell version even if both version are good.

This is, since I heard first time at the end of Patch Adams movie, my favorite son.

And for those who don't know, was Diane Warren who wrote this inspiring son.

Rod's version is available on Atlantic Crossing reissue | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song SKYE BOAT SONG performed by Rod Stewart

In response to posted question, there are actually two (similar) versions of Skye Boat Song included on the 2-CD, deluxe reissue of Rod Stewart's Atlantic Crossing (2009). It should still be available via Amazon marketplace, etc. Gorgeous version, with bagpipes. Don't recall any deep guitar line, however.

had me saying AMEN | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Faith of the Heart performed by Rod Stewart

Remind me wen I took care of my mom u see she had cancer, I've prayed, dat I be chosen to care for her before we knew she was stage 4 wen diagnosed, God knew, I thank her for giving me strength, wen she was da one leaving this wrw

Great lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Young Turks performed by Rod Stewart

The structure of the lyrics is brilliant. Very nice writing. As far as the meaning of the song, I think it's sarcasm. The song tells the story of young, inexperienced people who think they can take on the whole world without necessarily being smart or cautious, and how doing so is a bad idea.

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