Rockie Fresh Albums

  • The Birthday Tape Album (4/29/2013)
    Top Of The World
    Life Round Here
    Panera Bread
    Nothin Wrong With That
    Kush Do
    Bloodstream (Outro)

  • Electric Highway Album (1/21/2013)
    The Future
    The Lights
    Thick Bitch (Hit My Jack)
    Superman OG
    The Warnings
    Life Long
    Hold Me Down
    Barrell Of A Gun
    I'm Wit It
    Show Me Sumthin
    Roll Up Right Now
    Ride Slow
    Father Forgive 'Em
    Lights Glow
    I'm Ready
    Something Special

  • Driving 88 Album (1/23/2012)
    Into The Future
    Driving 88
    Never Never
    Don't Worry
    You A Lie
    Turn It Up
    How We Do
    Come Around
    No Fear
    Where I Wanna Be
    Doesn't Matter
    I Love It
    So Long

  • The Otherside: Redux Album (7/27/2011)
    A.C. Green
    The Worth
    So Gone Based Remix
    We Good
    About It
    They Don't Understand Why Remix
    As Far As You Let Me
    Too Far
    June 13th
    What's The Hurry
    Bonus Track
    Otherside Redux Freestyle

  • The Otherside Album (12/16/2010)

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