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Zididada Rock My Boat Lyrics

Last updated: 05/28/2003 09:30:51 PM

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Release date: 1. November 1999
Album: Welcome to Zididada

Rock'a rock'a boat now

I see so many people on my way
everyday and everynight led astray
and all them empty faces now on my way
I wonder will they ever stop will they stay

And I wanna know if it's alright
Yeah I wanna know if it's alright

Won't you please rock my boat now
it needs to be rockin'
yes its alright it's alright
it needs to be rockin'

I ain't ever goin' down this old road
I'd rather sit here rocking my own little boat
so take a break and hear me out for today
we all gonna jump into my boat and sail away

And I wanna know...

Won't you please rock...

You may laugh of what you see
but there is nothing wrong with me
I like to sit here all day long
just rocking my boat and sing my song

Won't you please rock my boat now...

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