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Doro Pesch Rock Angel Lyrics

Last updated: 06/10/2012 11:00:00 AM

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I see you out there
With that look on your face
You got the saddest eyes
I've ever seen

And it touches me
So deep inside
Tell me, what does it mean

And I want to open
That chains 'round your heart

And if you think nobody even cares
And you can't find comfort anywhere
If your whole world's falling apart

You need a Rock Angel
I'll take you to a Rock Angel
Let me lead you
From the darkness into the light

I feel I know you
I've been there, too
When all the faith and love is gone

But I've come to say
I can show you a way
To heal your pain and walk on

'Cause it's never too late
You just gotta say another prayer

I will lift you up
Don't you know
Take my promise with you
Wherever you go
If you need me
I will be there, yeah


You need a Rock Angel
I'll take you to a Rock Angel
We'll go far away
It'll show you heaven tonight, oh

So we can fly, curse the stars
You and I 'cross the sky
You and I


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