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Dropkick Murphys Wicked Sensitive Crew Lyrics

Last updated: 04/10/2008 11:00:00 AM

Well it's all gone to hell now the wimps have gangs
Pop punk tough guys with neck tattoos
Well if you guys are hard then I'd rather be soft
Man I gotta find me some seriously sensitive dudes

Hey! Ho! Hey!
You gotta shake hands with your feelings
In the Wicked Sensitive Crew

In Pittsburgh they called us closed minded
But we know that's simply not true
Yeah we're touchy feely sensitive guys
I ain't ashamed I cried when Mickey died in Rocky II

In Sydney they misunderstood us
They called us thugs and mean-spirited types
Yeah we might not be Swedish
And we sure ain't vegan
But do thugs have posters on their bedroom wall of the dude
from the Darkness in a creepy meat suit zippered so low you
can practically see his...


I don't know nothing about no meat suit
but I'll tell you there's one town that's ahead of the times
Man, they know what's up for sure
You see it's home to the godfather of love
The bald little man who started it all
One Teddy "Huggybear" Etoll

Hey! Ho! Hey!
You gotta shake hands with your feelings
We've got a big hug waiting for you


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So sensitive | Reviewer: Randolphilus | 3/28/2007

Love the toungue in cheek attiude of these guys. Oh so tired of the tough guys who aren't reminds of the current administration. The Dropkick Murphy's are keeping rock alive

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