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There's only one Robbie Williams. Top entertainer. Top guy.
Class clown. Class act.

A man so maddeningly cool he can hold an audience in the
palm of his hand while, ahem, adjusting himself with the
other. Small wonder (ahem again) that the man is hailed as
the UK's most gifted and celebrated star.

But, as true artists so often are, Robbie Williams is a
complex and quixotic soul. Despite a gold-certified U.S.
debut in The Ego Has Landed, record-breaking worldwide
sales (approximately 5 million combined for previous LPs
Life Thru A More...

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Review about Robbie Williams songs
I agree with you Tanya | Reviewer: Biggest Robbie-Fan
    ------ About the song King Of Bloke And Bird performed by Robbie Williams

...well, now it's 2013 and RW published Take The Crown. Okay, Candy is a nice song, Different and Be a Boy also great songs. But what about Losers? It should be played in the radio - it's just great! Or the best example is his album Escaology. Every song - and when I say ''every song'' I mean EVERY song (well, okay...accept How Peculiar) are as great songs that they would all reach No. 1 in the charts. Unfortunately, they havn't published any of these songs (accept two: Sexed Up and Come Undone; but there was to little atvertisment for them... :/). And you have to check out Ugly Love by's on YouTube... It's one of his greatest songs ever (and remember what I said about the word ''every'' - it's the same :P).
I'm sorry for my English - I'm German :P

Make Me Pure | Reviewer: Akinyelu Adebanjo
    ------ About the song Make Me Pure performed by Robbie Williams

Robbie William got it all in that track, it was quite perfect and very sweet to hear. There are some strong and fantastic quotes in the middle of the song like smoking kill, sex sells and you can't lie for a liars stand out but there are so many more reasonable words combination in the song which make it more favourite to every ears that listen to it. In a word, it's a very great song.

better man | Reviewer: Nico
    ------ About the song Better Man performed by Robbie Williams

Hi my name is Nico i too grow trough this
pain always, trough this song i will try to handle the pain that someone gives me in this wonderful world
best song.....and best accomplishment...

This song kept me alive, long enought | Reviewer: Chrissie
    ------ About the song Nan's Song performed by Robbie Williams

it kept m holding on until i could get everything ready and taken care of and finished. it gave me the peace i needed to get finished so i can go too. thank you for those moments of peace, God Bless you

Sweet as Candy | Reviewer: Candy
    ------ About the song Candy performed by Robbie Williams

Love u Robbie Williams. A month ago I realized I never ever bought any of yr CD's so went out and got the doulbe disc. Thank u for many years of brilliant talent. No music no life xxxxxC

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: CSP
    ------ About the song Knutsford City Limits performed by Robbie Williams

These lyrics reflect the true meaning of wonderful. Such truth should never be ignored if one person on every town had the same passion as Robbie Williams, the world would be a much happier and more passionate place. Song writers and artists would be popping up all over the place.

Simply sweet, good song :D | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Something Stupid performed by Robbie Williams

Everytime I heard this song, I dunno why my heart filled with warmth.
Very simple, but very sweet. Very enjoyable to listen.
Even though I didn't have any memories related to this song,
Somehow it feels like this song is romantically arranged (and touching)

another version | Reviewer: herminio rodriguez
    ------ About the song Mr. Bojangles performed by Robbie Williams

great one by neil diamond. first time I heard this song with his extraordinary unique voice. reminds me of the pics of his films starring shirley temple, and he playing second fiddle to the precocious child.

Dope track of all times! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Angels performed by Robbie Williams

This is such a beautiful song. I am going through a rough path at the present moment. Things just seem not to be working out for me at all. I had lost hope to find true love... But evrytime I listen to this song I get hope that one day true love shall find me!!!

a somber serenade | Reviewer: a faithless eye
    ------ About the song Eternity performed by Robbie Williams

This is easily one of the most beautiful ballads that I know. It captures the moment in such a moving and intimate way that I simply want to listen to it over and over again. (not the usual pop music fan talking here)

(to that last comment: disproofs itself in my opinion. psychiatry unfortunately seems to be needed still.)

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