Robbie Williams Albums

  • Swings Both Ways Album (11/15/2013)
    Shine My Shoes
    Go Gentle
    I Wan'na Be Like You
    Swing Supreme
    Swings Both Ways
    Dream A Little Dream
    Soda Pop
    Puttin' On The Ritz
    Little Green Apples
    Minnie The Moocher
    If I Only Had A Brain
    No One Likes A Fat Pop Star
    Bonus Tracks
    Where There's Muck
    16 Tons
    Wedding Bells

  • Take The Crown Album (11/13/2012)
    Be A Boy
    Shit On The Radio
    All That I Want
    Hunting For You
    Into The Silence
    Hey Wow Yeah Yeah
    Not Like The Others
    Bonus Track
    Eight Letters

  • Reality Killed The Video Star Album (11/9/2009)
    Morning Sun
    You Know Me
    Do You Mind?
    Last Days Of Disco
    Difficult For Weirdos
    Won't Do That
    Morning Sun (Reprise)

  • Rudebox 1974 Album (10/3/2006)
    Viva Life On Mars
    King of the Bongo
    She's Madonna
    Keep On
    Good Doctor
    The Actor
    Never Touch That Switch
    We're The Pet Shop Boys
    Burslem Normals
    Kiss Me
    The 80s
    The 90s

  • Intensive Care Album (10/25/2005)
  • Greatest Hits Album (10/26/2004)
  • Live at Knebworth Album (9/29/2003)
  • Escapology Album (11/18/2002)
  • Swing When You're Winning Album (11/19/2001)
  • Sing When You're Winning Album (10/3/2000)
  • Ego Has Landed Album (5/4/1999)
  • I've Been Expecting You Album (8/25/1998)
  • Life Thru A Lens Album (4/1/1997)

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    Reviews about Robbie Williams albums
    My review | Reviewer: Layla Strouther
        ------ About the album Take The Crown performed by Robbie Williams

    I love Robbie, and I have ever since I can remember but this is like his old stuff at all, I honestly prefer them than this. But it is nice to hear something new, I adore 8 letters, different and candy :)

    I'm Robssesed | Reviewer: Ghass
        ------ About the album Rudebox 1974 performed by Robbie Williams

    he's adorable, man he's the only person that makes me happy in ma life,
    man u r the best,,,,keep on,,

    a dare gone well | Reviewer: Gerda
        ------ About the album Swing When You're Winning performed by Robbie Williams

    At last Robbie Williams comes into his own. He risked doing something completely different - and hit the nerve of the time. By now sales figures prove as much. :-)

    So, what is it that made the album such a success?

    For one thing, the time was simply ready for a return to swing.

    For another, the singer feels rather more at home in these than in his own songs. The album seemed to mark a change, as for the first time he seemed to like performing on stage. You can feel that enthusiasm from the moment Williams launches into the first song, a cheeky self-parody.

    And then there are the duets. The additional voices do add spice and variety to the largely witty lyrics.

    And a last factor: for once, grannies are happy to listen to their grand-daughters fave singer. :-)

    All in all, it was worth the risk many times over, both for Williams and his record company.

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