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For 18 years Rob Zombie has been carving out a strange
legacy of music in the world of rock, beginning in 1985
with the formation of his brainchild White Zombie. From
the start, White Zombie was a bizarre hybrid of
hardcore/punk aggression, Lower East Side art-damage and
hard rock thunder. As if that weren't enough, these
fixations were filtered through Mr. Zombie's love of
classic horror/sci-fi films, trash hot rod culture and
generally, all things on the dark side.

Zombie oversaw every aspect of the band's journey from
their More...

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Review about Rob Zombie songs
So far off | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song White Trash Freaks performed by Rob Zombie

These are WRONG. Like a menoloy, really? That's not even a word. It's cranking on the ship like a man at oar. And I'm pretty sure it's polyester Union Jack, not poly of the. SMH

51 and still rocking | Reviewer: Eddie HILLS
    ------ About the song Pussy Liquor performed by Rob Zombie

This is a great song the lyrics are out there but the beat is Great. I laughed my ass off at the silly voices of the boy and girl in the song. Will always be on my play list Eddie

RZ is the man! | Reviewer: Kawii-smacki
    ------ About the song Pussy Liquor performed by Rob Zombie

Great song, RZ's music has always been foreward thinking and its a fricking awesome piece of music made for a movie soundtrack. Love it!!
Now how to not offend tooo many people if i choose it as my second dance at my wedding???

MA FAVRIT ZOMBIE TUNE | Reviewer: richiefirefly
    ------ About the song Pussy Liquor performed by Rob Zombie

Im not a fan of metal music (most of) but when one of your favourite ever horrors is 1000 Corpses you cant help but love this tune. The beat in the backdrop fits in so perfectly with the lyrics and spoken dialogue!!

Rob Zombie: The Ultimate Sadist | Reviewer: ChaosKing
    ------ About the song House Of 1000 Corpses performed by Rob Zombie

Rob Zombies House of 1000 Corpses is a great song for all of the other bands in the world to base their music off of. It tells a tail and you can picture it in your mind. All Who Live Should KNOW this song!!!

. | Reviewer: lupe
    ------ About the song House Of 1000 Corpses performed by Rob Zombie

Rob white zombie is intense,he paints pictures with his music. He did more then just more then just songwrite. He opened this portal between imagination and reality.he created this whole new world,he has a new perspective

PUSSY!! | Reviewer: Jenna
    ------ About the song Pussy Liquor performed by Rob Zombie

I love this song. Mostly for the beat and the background music. Although this song is very inappropriate, it's definitely one of those lovable Rob Zombie songs. This song is so sexy. It will NEVER get old! I play it on repeat! Not only is it catchy, but it gives me some naughty ideas. hahaa! Nice! -Jenna age 17

SEXY SEXY | Reviewer: Jenna
    ------ About the song Girl On Fire performed by Rob Zombie

Girl on Fire by Rob Zombie is just... CRAZY SEXY! It's one of the most rockin songs by Rob zombie. I love how Rob is so sexual in all of his songs. It's like "She's on fire! That girl's on fire!" Just so sexual! Rob Zombie is one of the most sexual metal artists out there! Which is one of the many reasons I love him! Hell Yeah! -Jenna age 17

Barnstormer | Reviewer: M-Man
    ------ About the song Superbeast performed by Rob Zombie

A superslick industrial metal anthem, from the Hellbilly days. No depth, because it doesn't need it. It's just raw adrenaline, designed to thrill the blood, and empower the listener with savage energy. One of my fave RZ songs, and a great example of hard rock, much like the man behind it.

Correct lyrics | Reviewer: JENNA
    ------ About the song Two-Lane Blacktop performed by Rob Zombie

I think these lyrics are correct. I listen to this song ALL THE TIME. And I'm pretty sure they are correct. But anyway, AWESOME KICK-ASS song! Whenever I hear it, I think of Rob Zombie's drag racer- and Nascar. haha. Awesome. Four stars all the way ****
Review label: KICK-ASS

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