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Tell me what I'm supposed to do
With all these left over feelings of you.
'Cause I don't know.

And tell me how I'm supposed to feel
When all these nightmares become real.
'Cause I don't know.

And I don't think you see the places inside me that I find you.
And I don't know how we separate the lies here from the truth.
And I don't know how we woke up one day somehow thought we knew
Exactly what we're supposed to do.

So leave me at the roadside
And hang me up and out to dry.
So leave me at the roadside
And hang me up and out to dry.

And I don't think you see the places inside me that I find you.
And I don't know how we woke up one day somehow thought we knew
Exactly what we're supposed to do.

So leave me at the roadside
And hang me up and out to dry.
So leave me at the roadside
And hang me up and out to dry.

'Cause I don't think you see the places inside me that I find you.
And I don't know how we woke up one day somehow thought we knew
Exactly what we're supposed to do.
Exactly what to do.

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Great | Reviewer: Trey Smith | 10/19/12

I see this song as two people seeing their relationship isn't going to work. That one loves the other too much when the one they love doesn't love them. That's why :leave me at the roadside" leave me out and carry on "hang me up to dry" is let me get over it on my own. But that's just my opinion.

actually this is not about a 'relationship' | Reviewer: Mrs.Fawkes | 7/21/12

This song, is actually about being on a really, really, really long trip(for work) kind of like a tour with a band. And there is a goal at the end that must be achieved, yet it is up to those that are on the 'job' to figure it out. Somehow, along the way, drama ensues and maybe some people on the mission catch inappropriate feelings for eachother. They know, that at the end, they will not see eachother anymore. So, rather than finish the journey, he asks to please just be left off on the side. Even knowing that she may continue on without him.

And that's really what is going on in this song.

same situation.... | Reviewer: anom | 5/16/12

Rise Against is my savior... I love this guy so much , but he doesn't like me back, i have liked him for over 4 years and have asked him out 3 times...he keeps sending me mixed messages and my poor little heart can take it, i just love him So much, i hope one day he will like me back but right now i am surviving on pure rise against power, they are awesome and they express everything i feel, my fav is Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated because the song is so true to my life....Awesome band...awesome song <3 EG

Never forget | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/12

I love this song so much, but it reminds me of the first guy I fell in love with. He broke my heart and when he was gone, I realised how much I loved him. We didn't even talk when we broke up, he just sent a text. Bang. Done. That broke me down when I realised how much he meant to me. I find him in some of the things I do "I don't think, you'd see the places inside me that I found you". I've found someone much better now, But I still have feelings for him, "leftover feelings of you" I guess you never forget your first love though.

F**k it | Reviewer: Tasha27 | 9/12/11

There was this guy who I was so completely in love with(still am), I actually thought that he could love me back. Turns out my "friend", who just happened to be his ex, had talked to him about our relationship without bothering to tell me and that very day he shattered my already fragile heart into nano-bits. Turns he thought that my shyness meant that I didn't care about him romantically and she had basically talked him into breaking up me. For months I've been searching for words to describe my feelings and this one fits it perfectly.

great song XD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/11

"There's always pain in this, and pain of the worst possible kind", betrayal isn't even close to the worst pain, you don't have to let someone close. Quite frankly you're probably still inexperienced with life and don't know what pain is. "It just hurts too much knowing that he starting to like someone else other than me" rofl as expecting it didnt hurt him, we humans are a hilariously stupid species

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/11

At one point at our lives, most of us find that special someone, and some of our relationships break up and we're scattered like leaves. There's always pain in this, and pain of the worst possible kind. All of Rise Against's songs have a meaningful messae, and some of them make me almost cry.

Leave me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/11

somewhere, there is the only one out there... maybe.
I remember... it was the first time, I saw him & i was lost in love.
& he hurt me & broke me down & I was just a ghost.
& he hurt me again & again, more than a year, had other girls, still kissed me.. sick little game.
When I met my current boyfriend, I was just a mere wreck. & he rescued me.
Still, I think of what happened. & I can't forget him.
My boy says, he's there for me, everytime. But if I even just say the name of the other one, he's goin' mad.
so in the end I've to fight this out all alone.
I miss him. Just, because we could have been. Because he was everything I ever wanted.
Because he always sweared, he wants to be there for me. & he never was. Because there are still this wish to go back. To change everything.
Because I never slapped him. I should have done it. Really.
I'm not over with it.

These feelings for him.... | Reviewer: Nevermore | 5/2/11

I went out with this amazing guy who treated me so well. I fuck it up by breaking up with him for my first love. Now, I realize I love the guy I broke up with him so much. I just thought he deserve someone better and now months had gone by and he fell out of love with me. We're best friends and now he talking to someone else. I didn't want to go back out with him because I thought it wasn't fair that I have feelings for another guy (first love). Now that I finally starting to get rid of my feelings for my first love, the guy that I'm in love with is moving on. He wants to be friends but I can't especially with all these feelings I have for him. It just hurts too much knowing that he starting to like someone else other than me. Now I'm left wondering what to do with all these feelings I have of him. This is the hardest and strongest love I ever felt. I just can't seem to let go...

Going downhill | Reviewer: Björn | 4/14/11

I'm at a similar point as all of u, especially Ricky. I'm 16 and found the most amazing girl ever. I can talk to her for ages and still not run out of things to say. Im so in love with her its insane. Id do anything to be with her. We wer best friends and discovered that both of us had stronger feelings for the other.however decided to take it slow and wait a month before we decide if we're going to start dating. I truelly loved her, I was amazed at how in love I was, i didn't no such a level of love even existed. and she also felt the same way and now 5 days before the month ends she sed she needed sum space, so we didn't talk for 2 days. I was such a mess during that time cos I new something was wrong. Now the day before the one month we start talking again but everything's different she doesn't know if she loves me anymore and it's like we don't understand each other anymore. We havent officially "broken up" but i can sense it coming and I'm just so crushed about it. But i also don't want her to see me like this.

1st line | Reviewer: ricky | 3/20/11

Im 16 years old and that first line of this song explains everything i feel. I found the one i loved she was my best friend and everything. But i lost her. Hurts more then anything and i have all these left over feelings for sucks

Don't give up hope. | Reviewer: Prom | 2/18/11

I screwed up and now I don't know what to do... she loves me, but I don't know if she will get over it. I love her more than anything... but how can she know that now. Don't think that something can't be real, don't. You will only screw yourself over if you don't believe in it. I am the same type as Camille's bf. I can't believe in anything, I figure it will be taken away anyways. Don't know how I am supposed to change that way of thinking now that I have ruined something myself.

Stuck alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/11

yeah, i'm probably younger than most of the other posters, but this song really hits home. My ex-gf listened to her friend before she even gave me a chance to disprove what her friend had said. This "friend" said that I had made out with her and told her that "she was the best thing to happen to me." or at least that's what my ex said before she threw my food in my face. The funny part is this "friend" of hers a month later tried to do the same thing to another couple, and still my ex won't take me back. Life Sucks.

f**** it | Reviewer: tiff | 1/14/11

my fiance just split my heart into a thousand little splinters with the worlds rustiest axe ever created.
i decided five years of my life to making her happy and all she could do was hurt me. :]
we've been broken up for a few days now and im going mentally insane.

rise against probably is my saviour at this point.

Re | Reviewer: Christian Hinds | 12/7/10

I write my own songs and I see your guys feelings its very helpful something you dont see much is a guy confessing his love lifes love is the worlds scariest rollercoaster and some I ty goes down a long tim and it such a slow climb I wrote a lyric once that really shows this its I wiah youd just take my hand and then through my eyes youll understand that my love for you is in your command . ... Sometimes I wish if it wasnt maybe I wouldnt be crushed so bad

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