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The sun came up with no conclusion
Flowers sleeping in their beds
This city's cemetery's humming
I'm wide-awake, it's morning

I have my drugs, I have my woman
They keep away my loneliness
My parents have they have their religion
But sleep in separate houses

I read the body count out of the paper
And now it's written all over my face
No one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter
Sometimes that's just the most comfortable place

So I'm drinking, breathing, writing, singing
Everyday I'm on the clock
My mind races with all my longings
But cant keep up with what I got

I hope I don't sound too ungrateful
What history gave modern man
A telephone to talk to strangers
Machine guns and a camera lens

So when you're asked to fight a war that's over nothing
It's best to join the side that's gonna win
And no one's sure how all of this got started
But we're gonna make them goddam certain how its gonna end
Oh ya we will, oh ya we will!

Well I could have been a famous singer
If I had someone else's voice
But failure's always sounded better
Lets fuck it up boys, make some noise!

The sun came up with no conclusion
Flowers sleeping in their beds
This city's cemetery's humming
I'm wide-awake, it's morning

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Get a clue | Reviewer: uralldumb | 10/18/12

"But he does have better ones" - YOu all point to something rather oppinionted. The fact is there are no better ones or differnces he could have made. There are no realms of critic in any of this music. Your typing just proved that your keyboard is now greasy and that is it. Shit these sites are only good for copy and pasting. - regards,

Great Song | Reviewer: braaaaah | 8/30/10

A lot of Conor's songs are anti-war. It's a pretty common theme. That said, this is probably one of the most memorable ones.
Lines such as "The city's cemetery's hummin', I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning", "I read the body count out of the paper, and now it's written all over my face," and "When you're asked to fight a war that's over nothing, it's best to choose the side that's going to win," are almost shocking with their emotional clarity.

Road To Joy | Reviewer: Ruby | 5/12/09

Just learnt this song on guitar, it's gorgeous!

His lyrics are so well thought out and depthful that he makes me not want to bother writing any music as I can honestly say i could never write anything as beautiful(yet poingant) as this song.

But he does have better ones, Arc of Time from the album Digital Ash in a Digital Urn is lovely as is Four Winds from the album Casadaga.

In a way I'm glad famous music isn't like that, it keeps this type of song for the part of the population that can actually appriciate Bright Eyes for their impressive musicality and creative use of metaphor.

If you're a fan of Bright Eyes and you haven't already you should listen to The Decemberists and also Beirut they have the same blues-esque stylistic qualities combined with beautiful lyrics.

colorful verbal display | Reviewer: Chuckor | 12/23/08

I think if you did not manage to catch the Beethoven reference you have some serious musical diversion that needs to take place. i think its beautiful, I think he took a timeless piece aptly named it "Road.." in place of "Ode.." to give it his credit, its a wonderfully written piece transposed into modren era. He did an astounding job on the tweak of the melody and managed to allow it that element of insatible "catchy-ness" if you will. I think the man is a genius poet and a wonderful writer and singer, I love the air of despiration in his voice. the kind of beautiful timidness and uncertainity with the interruptions of shouting that make it literaturly, audibly, and melodicly a work of art

Amazing | Reviewer: Shawan Rice | 11/17/08

I'm a lyricist myself and I'm really into poetry and this is definitely a work of art.
He puts so much feeling and emotion in every line
Lots of people probably don't analyze or really think about what he must mean in a verse, but for the vast amount of the population that does I'm there with them and totally agree that this man is a genius.

this song... | Reviewer: is neat | 8/2/08

i think that this is a deeply political song... and no, i'm not just talking about the whole "join the side that's going to win" part. there's a fair amount of sarcasm in every verse. it reminds me of bob dylan's "masters of war" but a hell of a lot less in your face. (no, i'm not being the typical "he's the new dylan!" kid)

love this song, though... especially the live version where they smash all of the instruments. and i totally agree with how the "i could have been some famous singer..." verse is so... wow. just the way it is softer which makes it so so so much more vibrant.

and yay for someone else making a connection to beethoven! haha, i didn't think many other people got it.

3o'clock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/08

The tune comes from an old song called "Ode of joy".
One of my old schools used that tune as the school song, and they too added lyrics to the song. Though they were nowhere as good as Conors.
I don't think it's bad to steal someone elses tune. It's called a, "ghost tune" and it's completely acceptable.
In fact he makes this sound better.

i <3 bright eyes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/07

i totally agree with catherine, this song, and the whole album and all his work for that matter, is so real. where the fuck can you find music like this thats famous? i love it. even though i know 90% of his listeners don't think deeply into his lyrics like they're meant to be analyzed.

inspiration | Reviewer: catherine | 7/20/07

that second to last firest about being abtter singer, i feel that that part means aklot to him, and when he sings it , live r on an albuum, it makes me emotional

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