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Rich Kids on LSD

RKL was started in 1983 in Santa Barbara. Their debut album
was Keep Laughing(Mystic) released in 1985. It came out
after they released an EP entitled It's A Beautiful
Feeling(Mystic) in 1984. There sound has been described as
"hurtling NOFX meets Motorhead slamcore... the line between
SoCal punk rock and thrash metal has never been finer (New
Musical Express 2/18/95, p.51.) In May 1987 they recorded
Rock N Roll Nightmare at S.N.M. Studios, Santa Barbara, Ca.
It had some classic tunes like One Light One Mind, More...

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last verse | Reviewer: Owen Schvarcinger
    ------ About the song Life In A Bottle performed by Rkl

im sitting in here and thinking these thoughts of love and of hate and the drugs that i bought, no one to turn to to somehow be kind without creeping them into winning my mind, sure i got friends(incomprehensible) but i dont have the trust to be inside me.

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