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Lyrics by Layne Staley
Music by Staley, McCready, Martin, Saunders

My pain is self-chosen
At least, so The Prophet says
I could either burn
Or cut off my pride and buy some time
A head full of lies is the weight, tied to my waist

The River of Deceit pulls down, oh oh
The only direction we flow is down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down

My pain is self-chosen
At least I believe it to be
I could either drown
Or pull off my skin and swim to shore
Now I can grow a beautiful shell for all to see

The River of Deceit pulls down, yeah
The only direction we flow is down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down

The pain is self-chosen, yeah
Our pain is self-chosen
Down, oh down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down
Down, oh down

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Layne | Reviewer: Dreamer5469 | 5/26/14

One of the best grunge era songs ever made. Such a tragedy to lose someone so talented and so young. Maybe he had finished what he needed to on this earth and he is writing and singing his tunes to a higher power now. River of deceit is an amazing song. One I never tire of. Rip Layne

This is a place to review a song and relay your interpretations. | Reviewer: So funny | 7/17/13

This is a place to review a song and relay your interpretations. I don't quite understand why the negativity. In real life 99% of the people calling each other idiots wouldn't think about doing so in person, but since its anonymous. We all have a right to our own opinions, so let us express such. After reading over others interpretations if I may call them such, (the venom i've read made me forget why i was on here)made this site pointless. Thank you

brutal | Reviewer: mike | 6/29/13

Excellent points below. The lyrics really are a brutal, self-actualization (albeit not rainbows and puppy dogs) epitaph. He puts himself in the descriptive lyrical realm o Dylan, yet chooses to turn the subject on his Johnson-esque crossroads. Neither direction is gonna be pretty. And so, as many other artists through the centuries, his choice is not to fade away....and he is now in that great hall of the artist without life but with peace...

beautiful lyricswr | Reviewer: corilia | 6/13/13

Well I just listened(again)to mad season and river of deceit and I gotta tell ya layne's voice was so sweet and I love singing along with his songs. I also love "artificial red"it is such a sweet bluesy song and layne really nails it for the essence of this song and album. His talent is sorely missed .peace out

This is for Dummies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/13

Layne wrote more than 2-3 songs. Layne wrote several songs. Most of Dirt-Layne. Man in the Box-Layne. Rain When I Die-Layne. Nutshell-Layne. Sludge Factory-Layne. So, before you tell people to stfu...perhaps you should learn who wrote what before you make yourself sound more like an ass. Layne can speak to anyone's heart through his music. You sound like you are just a bitter person that believes only his/her own opinions are more important than anyone else's. if you don't want to hear people's opinions on a lyrics page, then don't visit pages that allow people to express what they think the lyrics mean. Also, art is made to be related to. How can one not appreciate it if they do not relate nor feel connected to it? Jerry did write quite a few of the songs, but Layne contributed to writing the lyrics as well. Hell, he even helped write the music on a few of them. So perhaps you should not be such a doh he and let people express themselves, the very way you did. You are not a true AIC fan. A true AIC fan would know the dynamics of the band as well as feel the music. Besides, this is Mad Season, not AIC. So get off your high horse and stop being a cyberbully. You'll only get pulled down...down, oh down. Seems like your pain is self-chosen as well.

Layne and Enlightenment | Reviewer: Jerrod | 3/7/13

The lyrics are a clear revelation of Layne's (all be it too late) discovery of the path of peace laid out by the Buddha. He found the way, but chose to keep on the path of pain like so many. That does nothing to diminish the sheer genius and miles deep heart that Layne had and shared with us through his lyrics for all of time. Maybe one will hear this song and wake up, as another awesome track on the same album entreats one to do. Rock on in the next life brother Layne. You're still missed all these years later.

Sadness | Reviewer: BatMantis | 11/2/12

A song which describes the realizations of a man who has recognized his fate. This is not about drug use or teen angst or any such nonsense. It is thoughts from a man who knows his options have been strangled by the will of others, against whom he has no recourse, a man who feels trapped, enslaved, owned. He feels that there is no way out, and I have no doubt that he had his reasons for feeling that way. Performers are unfortunately property for all practical purposes. Trick ponies who are exploited by their paymasters, families and friends. They are made into a product, packaged and sold. This is rampant in the music industry. Care to count the BRILLIANT individuals in this business who have died very young in this decade alone? It buggers the imagination. Staley offers you a glimpse of their life here. They become the spectacle, the product, not the music. The music is the hook, which brings attention to them. Then the sordid details of their lives are sold in the marketplace to the benefit of others. Never a moment of peace, they are beseiged by the media, fans, and fools who are looking for a little tin god to believe in. His pain has made many people very wealthy. My eyes bleed tears as I write this. If he were here, all I could say to him is: "I am sorry, I am so sorry". I pray to God that he was right, and he feels better dead.

Best album of all time. | Reviewer: Sharan | 9/17/12

If you believe that this song is for only people who do drug...then fuck you. I don't do drug, why am I addicted to this song? I've listened this song whole fucking week without changing a single track. For me Layne is not only one who suffers, every single second we do suffer. Well this is what life is all about. And I got a tattoo on my wrist...MY PAIN IS SELF CHOSEN!

Welcome to the world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/12

It's not really about the vocals to me. Layne was a great vocalist, but it's about the lyrics. His gift, their gift was honesty. About things that most people don't talk about. Pain. Just awesome, beautiful, amazing lyrics about a world that can be harsh and cruel. Layne wrote and sung about some very heavy stuff just like Kurt and others. He wrote about a world that is sometimes backward and stupid. He also lived it. He was a tortured artist. I guess you have to be able to relate. That's what made AIC great while Layne was alive. I'm not sure there are a lot of people who get it. I guess that's the point.

Get a grip | Reviewer: bj2456@hotmail.com | 2/23/12

Yes I think Layne was a good performer,he had a unique sound and I enjoyed him very much.But what all of you seem to forget is that there have been many artists that have died over the years that were also unique. Jimmy Hendrix,Bon Scott,and many more. They each brought something special for us. I think it brings a great sorrow to us as listeners that some one we have followed has died needlessly, each of us tries to cope in our own way.Layne will be missed very much, but he has gone to a place where others are waiting for him. I hope he can finally find peace.

"dummies" asshole | Reviewer: junkheadrooster | 1/12/12

the fucking retard who said he didnt write them!-fuck you. if u really are a fan of aic then u will know what layne's written and what jerry's written. both have different styles and both are very unique in their own terms but together they are the best vocal duo grunge has been blessed with. i still think theyr the best grunge band ever. if u look at their lyrics and voices separately both are very very deep-something u cant seem to contemplate. the death of layne does not mean his lyrics' wasted or anything, theyr immortalized. and mad season's album itself is one of the best complete albums in the world. hear it more than once or twice and ull know idiot. its layne, donnigan, cready-everyone at their fucking genius best.

The guitar work | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/12

While Staley was amazing, McCready was no slouch on this track either. He has a fire in his fingers, and it either burns or, in this case, warms. The delicate, meandering guitar work provides a sweet contrast to the lyrics, enhancing the feeling of both. Easily my favorite song on the album.

Reviewed "Retards on this shit"...... | Reviewer: JC | 12/6/11

First, Layne did write several songs on many AIC albums including most on the self tittled album. And if his lyrics made you depressed or the like, then you don't get AIC as a whole. In short, your the "retard". Let people feel/post/do what they want without judgement.

Layne wrote many songs that were nominated for grammy's.......


asshole response | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

to the asshole who wrote the last comment, you are completely out of line and fucking insane! why don't YOU stfu and allow people to enjoy and express their love of Mad Season and AIC regardless of their detailed knowledge of who wrote lyrics and who didn't? Sounds like you have some serious control issues and should keep those nasty opinions to yourself. No one wants to read your comments about how retarded they are when it comes to music...like you said, it's art...everyone can have an opinion in an open forum like this and shame on you for such hateful bashing. Go crawl back under the dank rock you slithered out from and stfu you fucking wanker!

Retards on this shit. | Reviewer: Dummies.. | 11/12/11

First of all. I dont need to hear you pour your thoughts out on a lyrics page.. Second. THIS ISN'T GRUNGE YOU FUCKING IDIOT. Thirdly. Layne don't speak to your heart goof. Also, he didnt fucking write the lyrics for alice in chains. That would be Jerry Cantrell. Layne wrote 2-3 songs in AIC, and they make me want to slit my wrists and cut my eyes out. Maybe blow my eardrums with firecrackers. So stfu, grow up, learn some music. Realize it is art, not some phenomenon that is made to relate to you..

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