Rittz Lyrics

Sounds Like: YelaWolf, OutKast Official, Tech N9ne, Geto
Boys, Big K.R.I.T.

Label: Slumerican

Manager: Freddie "Scender" Burman; Jeremy "JDot" Jones

The Atlanta metropolitan area stretches on for at least 30
miles beyond the Georgia Dome and the World of Coke.
Peachtree Street (conspicuously void of actual peach trees)
stretches up through several counties, changing its name a
number of times, confusing the tourists and the
transplants. Furthest to the north of the metro area, sits
Gwinnett County; sprawling and well-populated by a mix of
out-of-towners hoping to indulge in a More...

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Review about Rittz songs
my interview | Reviewer: norcali916
    ------ About the song My Interview performed by Rittz

Major mistakes..
In the intro its not windy county its from Gwinnett county and Instead of- I had to grab my uncle jack should be- I had a platnium jacket with a hat that matched.. theres so many mistakes in these lyrics is have to rewrite majority of the song ... Sry don't have time for that...

Horrible | Reviewer: Nate
    ------ About the song Fuck Swag performed by Rittz

Did you listen to this as you wrote it? "15 and I back it hard
I'm in garage"? Dude it's 15's in the back of a dodge, out of the garage" Your lyrics don't even lyrically fit the beat.

"I don't swear and people talking shit about the way I look every day
Long hair don't care , red pair of air jordans
And I wear all black on, fuck fuck swag
You're a geek"

This doesn't even make sense! "I don't swear" yet the title is called "Fuck Swag"... come on man... It's
"I dont sweat on people talking shit about the way I look every day
Long hair, dont care, wear pair of Air Jordans
And I wear all black, no hook, Fuck Swag"

Wrong lyric | Reviewer: pm503
    ------ About the song Goin In performed by Rittz

You got a part of the 3rd verse wrong. He don't say "Sip amount when you rather talk about me I'm naughty."
He say's
""Sip amount when you rather talk about the illuminati."
He's trying to make fun of people who believe in secret societys and/or people who believe that rappers are a part of illuminati or secret society's.

Corrections | Reviewer: Corbin
    ------ About the song Intro performed by Rittz

I've always been a screw up. instead of screw her.
Ask YOU to help me. Not HER.
I'm always getting judged.
Even when im home, there's so much pressure to be Rittz.
i done wrote about everything so many times.
im barely even here.
gotta get some confidence up in my penmenship.
so ima go tripping and get behind the mic and rhyme.

thats all i could find wrong. I might have missed some.
i feel like my future art depends on this.

If you are gonna post lyrics mak sure they are right | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goin In performed by Rittz

You are a dumb ass.. learn how to listen. Like every word is wrong..You made this song sound stupid. Rittz is a lyrical genius. Everything he says makes since and these lyrics you made up don't make any since.

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