Rise Against Lyrics

Armed with the fury of classic punk acts as Minor Threat
and Bad Brains, blended with intelligent vocals and a
serious commitment to providing a positive alternative to
the oft-dreary and disenchanted aura that engulfs most punk
bands, Chicago’s Rise Against might be seen as an outcast
amongst its peers.

“It was almost cool to be negative, especially around
Chicago,” bassist Joe Principe recalls. “So, vocalist Tim
[McIlrath] and I had this main goal of putting a positive
light on things. There are so many bands that sing about More...

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Review about Rise Against songs
something to note | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Approaching Curve performed by Rise Against

I believe the alluded to wreck is an accident because the first verse refers to things like icy conditions,melting snow and salt stains. She was so distracted from the breakup that she didn't notice the approaching curve until it was too late

Beautiful! | Reviewer: A Mom
    ------ About the song Swing Life Away performed by Rise Against

My teenaged son is always wanting me to listen to "his" music, which I call screamo. He promised me I would like this song and I listened grudgingly. Wow! What a beautiful song! I actually find it somewhat haunting, because life gets so complicated, and I sometimes yearn for simpler times when I could just swing life away. I think playing it acoustically gives it more power, as it adds to the simplicity of the lyrics to a layered song.

My friend | Reviewer: Pretender
    ------ About the song The Good Left Undone performed by Rise Against

As it usually happens, the meaning I see in the song reflects my own situation. My friend and I had this increidible friendship, we were both in bad situations in our lives and kind of saved each other. We started dating, because we started feeling more than a friendship but I ended it, because it stopped feeling like it was "supposed to".
We passed the point of no return and couldn't go back to be friends anymore..
I miss him so badly, I love him, but not in the way he'd want me to. I hear this and I feel like his singing to me to shout and tell him to come back.. I wish I could

Injection.. | Reviewer: Dyna
    ------ About the song Injection performed by Rise Against

For my personally I think the song is about nothing else than love. He/she is so caught up in a relationship that the can't live without that person "give me the drug" - the love that the other person gives him or her
"Keep me alive" - they feel they can't live without that person, its what keeps them alive
"Give me what's left of my life" - the let go of a lot things when they found this person like friends and family
"Pull this plug, let me breath" - they need to breake up because he/she needs space
"On my own I'm finally free" - they feel they can get intouched with their family and friends again
"Don't let me go" - they can't live without the person, no matter how hard they try they find themself going back to the person again and again because they simply can't let go of the person although he/she maybe already let go - "if you never meant to leave then you only had to stay"

impressions | Reviewer: kyle
    ------ About the song Swing Life Away performed by Rise Against

iv listened to rise against for nearly 3 years now, no matter how many times i hear this song it always fills me with emotion. my favorite line is "if love is a labor i'll slave till the end" these are the only words i can ever consider for a tattoo. to me these are words i can live by, taking into account not only my love for my family, friends and my girlfriend. and to a greater extent everyone i meet, as people have preached love thy neighbor. at times i think rise against has made more of an impression on me than my catholic schooling upbringing.

Marxism? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Disparity By Design performed by Rise Against

This song talks of the Marxist perspective or the ruling class system and capitalism. The ruling upper class own the means of production and hire the proletariat (or prols from George Orwell's 1984)to work for them.
The 'prols' are exploited and lied to by the Ruling Class as they work for minimum with the promise if they work hard they can get higher into the social ranks "they keep us convinced, to lift up our chins, these playing fields are level, we all have a chance".
The Ruling Class make us believe that buying into capitalism will make us move up the social ladder, though it won't as only collectively can the 'prols' make change though the work is privatized making it hard to create this collective conscience to over throw the capitalists and become more equal."like a single domino, that falls while the rest stay vertical, we’re fed these empty fairy tales, and i’m through believing"

I personally belive it's a song about trying to over throw this Ruling Class but not being able to as a society we don't have the means to.

Awesome song + sidenote | Reviewer: TraceurPunk
    ------ About the song Reception Fades performed by Rise Against

I figure it probably is about a questionably dead relationship, hence "Are we holding on, to the thread/ Of something already dead?" As well as the rest of the chorus and some other lines. Yet I can't help but feel as though there's another message to it, as though the afore mentioned questionably dead relationship isn't the only thing going on there.

Emo is literally a shortened version of Emotional. If we want to be literal then we could say that all music is emotional, cause it all creates or causes emotions. Even if we're not being literal, Malte wasn't necessarily being 'emo', he was just voicing his and probably others' reasons for loving Rise Against.
Keep on keepin' on~

ready to fall | Reviewer: lame.a
    ------ About the song Ready To Fall performed by Rise Against

hey guys!
i know this songs means a lot to the most of us. we all have a different approach towards it and we all gave it a meaning.
truth be told, tim himself said that this song was about being at the top and having nowhere to go, except down.
the music video is just an interpretation by the director. it doesnt' really relate to the song, but it does show the message Rise Against stands for.
Just watch the generation lost DVD.


A friend of mine | Reviewer: Gogol
    ------ About the song Swing Life Away performed by Rise Against

A friend of mine posts music videos to kinda communicate with me and about our friendship. He's a 20 years old 13-year-old-kid who won't grow up. How to deal with these kinds of friend? I just wanna be his friend, he's one of the most normal and cool and smartest friend i had, but he takes wrong inspirations from me and other places. I slit and I know he saw my scars. I'm trying to stop while dealing with bipolar. While he then kept melodramatizing everything and post new music videos.

Make it end | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Make It Stop (September's Children) performed by Rise Against

I cried when i heard this song because it brought back memories. I've had two of my closest friends die die at seventeen and sixteen for being gay and bisexual. One committed suicide and the other's father beat him to death. I'm in highschool and im bisexual. My mom doesnt accept me. I've cut and scraped my wrists since fifth grade and i just want all the bullying and criticism to end. Its not up to others to judge you. Just be who you were born to be. We all have to keep our eyes open and help eachother to make it stop.

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