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Seether Rise Above This Lyrics

Last updated: 08/29/2011 11:00:00 AM

Take the light and darken everything around me
Call the clowns and listen closely I'm lost without you
Call your name everyday when I feel so helpless
I've fallen down but I'll rise above this, rise above this

Hate the mind, regrets are better left unspoken
For all we know, this void will grow
Everything's in vain, distressing you though it leaves me open
Feels so right but I'll end this all before it gets me

Call your name everyday when I feel so helpless
I'm fallen down but I'll rise above this, rise above this
Call your name everyday when I seem so helpless
I'm fallen down, and I'll rise above this, rise above this doubt

I'll mend myself before it gets me
(I'll mend myself before it gets me)
I'll mend myself before it gets me
(I'll mend myself before it gets me)

Call your name everyday when I feel so helpless
I'm fallen down but I'll rise above this, rise above this
Forty eight ways to say that I'm feeling helpless
I'm falling down, and I'll rise above this,
Rise above this,
Rise above this,
Rise above this doubt.

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rising above your demons | Reviewer: cj | 8/29/11

this song reminds me of a time when i was severlry depressed and full of rage, no one wanted to be around me because i was so mean, so i was all alone for a very long time. but then one day i asked god to help me with my demons and i rose above all the doubt, suicide, and anger that held me down, that was almost three years ago and i still remember it like it was yesterday. im just so glad i had such a loving girlfriend and family to support me when i needed it the most, god bless.


Beautiful. | Reviewer: Paige | 5/17/10

This song is soooo beautiful. It reminds me of my dad, who passed away about five years ago. I tear up almost everytime I listen to this song, and that's about everyday. It's a beautiful way to honor somebody who's passed on, even if this was writen before his brother's suicide. He still dedicates this song to his brother, and I always dedicate this song to my father when ever I play it at shows that I'm supplying music for.
R.I.P. Del G. DePenning :)

Amazing amazing song! | Reviewer: Vane | 9/6/09

this has got to be one of my favorite songs...ever. If im ever feeling on the downside this song helps me get rid of that, everything about this song touches a piece of my heart. Seether is an amazing band, Shaun has a wonderful voice and is an awesome dude, i got to meet him when he was on tour with Nickelback. Can't wait till their next album. Every song they create has a wonderful/positive meaning.

Accuracy | Reviewer: brian | 5/18/09

Moving song ...absolutely ...but it was written about his brother BEFORE his suicide...see the Seether website: "The most evident example comes with "Rise Above This," an enduring song Morgan wrote about his brother Eugene in advance of his tragic death this past August."

Amazing... | Reviewer: Matt | 4/18/09

This is just one of those songs that just relates to you no matter who you are

whenever i'm depressed or just sad i pop this song on and it always makes me feel stronger and happier

people really do "Rise above" problems with this song

i love Seether and Shaun has got such an amazing voice

most hearing this sound this day.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/09

i had this song for a few month, but i didnt hear it lot. and nowdays i play this track over and over..i think for almost thousand times. XP

this song remind me of a time when im hopeless, down, and desperate in one of my most important moment in my life(think that is 2-3 month ago).

then......some one came and "help" me rise from my sorrow till i can pass that moment compltly..... and nowdays i feel much-much better. (still hearin' this song when im wrote this) ~XP

this song... | Reviewer: Ben | 2/17/09

this song reminds me of my mother, and my brother. both of which i lost... it makes me think of how sad those happy memories can make me. i'm only 15 but i feel so old when i hear this... i love this song.

OMG! | Reviewer: Katie Chess | 12/27/08

I love this song! It reminds me of how when I'm sad I call my boyfriend's name (mostly cuz I miss him way too much)! It also reminds me of how I call upon God's name in prayer! Luv this song!
~Luv ya~Katie

Wow. | Reviewer: Katie | 7/8/08

I love how this song can pertain to everyone.
Even if they haven't lost a loved one. It's a song that enilightens the dark. And I know that I can relate to it. I think he means that even though life is hard, he can rise above it and survive. And I wanted to say that he has my undying support. I wish him well, and I'm very sorry for the loss of his brother.

wow | Reviewer: cyl | 5/25/08

this song is beautiful
you know, alot of people think he sold out because these songs aren't as negative
well those people don't have hearts
and they need to pay more attention to what really matters in music, the meaning
love this song