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Nine Inch Nails Ringfinger Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2009 10:00:00 AM

well you've got me working so hard lately.
working my hands until they bleed.
if i was twice the man i could be.
i'd still be half of what you need
still you lead me and i follow
anything you ask you know i'll do.
this one act of consecration is what i ask of you

promise carved in stone.
deeper than the sea.
sever flesh and bone
and offer it to me.

well,you just leave me nailed here.
hanging like Jesus on this cross.
i'm just dying for your sins.
and aiding to the cause.


wrap my eyes in bandages.
confessions i see through.
i get everything i want.
when i get part of you.


a promise carved in stone.
deeper than the sea.
devil's flesh and bone
do something for me.

Thanks to Robert Ray Britz for submitting Ringfinger Lyrics.

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Personal | Reviewer: Robert Ray Britz | 2/25/09

"NIN" Now I'm Nothing Very Very Cleveland Early Demo, but thought you would be interesteed:

I fucked it all away.
now im nothing, now nothing. (NIN)
Oh, I fucked it all away.
now im nothing, now im nothing.
wave, wave, wave goodbye.

more to come, full lyrics for 'purist's feeling", and the "the deepest fall". I very much enjoyed the noteriety I recieved by the ringfinger"'re very kind "thank you' for my Ringfinger lyrcs. Ironic in i'ts own way, in time you will know why.....keep the internet accalaides a star sucker for compliments and lets just say for now, that this will be all explained to you in time, it has to do with art piece that is close to my hear. I know an awful amount about this band and what the lyrics mean........................."how did it get so big? how did it get so long? How did it get so hard. how did it get so strong? and what you gave to me!~my PERFECT RING OF SCARS (his ass) you know I can see, what you really are". between you and me those lyrics are pretty self explanatery though you will find NO EXPLENATION that is the truth on the internet because people want to believe it does not have a homoerrotic refrence. WAKE UP! you are talking about a musician in his 40's that has NEVER had an OFFICAL girl friend.
People beleieve what they want to beleieve. Jesus, Manson is straight and does not pick a different wife, girlfriend "muse" to go along with the theme of every album he does. Lets see.......hmmmmm 30's and 40's theme? well Dita Von perfect........Eat Me Driink Me? .........wel it coinicdezs with a lolita "alice in wonderland" theme.....hmmmmm, so lets break up with dita and start dating Evan Rachell Wood who looks like she is 12, and of course have her wearing heart shaped glasses(lollita/allice in wonderland) but just by chance be dating her at the same time that coicides with a new album and film SHE is STARRRING In about Lewis Carrol and Alica in Wonderland. It's a show follks and there is nothing wrong with that. I just hate how blind and stupid people are,. If you have a chance go to to here an excelent versiion of the day the whole world went away. It will be the first thing you can click on. I have said too much allready, but if I dont let some of this shit out, im going to explode,. Why did I decide to tell you?........and trust me there is alot to tell,,,,,,well, lets just say, nice to meet you, If I told you what some of the NIN lyrics REALLY meant it would BLOW you're mind mostly for the fact of how obviouse they were......but some not........and some just not realsed at alll.....and the more publllic acalaids the better., call me a media whore, but trust me, if you want to know about nine inch nails or marilyn manson, you come to me, and the more I have seen you have talked about me when I gooogle my name on diferent sites, the more I talk, kisses..... Robert Ray Britz P.S. Oh, and this little talk was between you and me, so expecrt that You are intellegent enopgh to keep it that reaal name in "mike" but I go bye Robert Ray Britz and I want to see it all over the internet when nin or m manson are mentioned, and you get to be my ONE and ONLY contact. My friend, you are in on a very l[ucridive situation when you decide to write down some stories from 10060 Cielo Drive, Maise the doggy, and well lets just say.........very Greek periods.