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Rilo Kiley’s audiences have a strong tendency to fall in
love on the spot. Perhaps it’s their beaming faces or
laid-back, admirable West Coast attitudes. Or maybe it’s
just their uncanny knack for designing nuanced pop songs
and performing them with flair. Maybe it’s lead singers
Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennet‘s adorable onstage banter and
scissors-sharp wit. Whatever that little something extra
is, Los Angeles, CA’s Rilo Kiley has it times ten.

Eclectic electric twang meets masterful songwriting on The
Execution of All Things, Rilo More...

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Review about Rilo Kiley songs
accurate | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Better Son/Daughter performed by Rilo Kiley

I'm bipolar, and it's creepy how well this song can fit into those feelings. When you're up, you're very happy. But when that dreaded low hits, it's terrifying in it's intensity. But like every other person you get up and go on. Not that you want to, but that you refuse to lay down to the disorder. 'The cries and the wails of the valley below' describes those down days perfectly.
But I can see how any other person can interpret this song.

lyrics? | Reviewer: Ms. Derp
    ------ About the song Runnin' Around performed by Rilo Kiley

Great song. But I'm not sure about some of these lyrics. Sounds to me like
"runnin' around with a bad, bad ticker," which makes sense with the reference to his heart going, and it also rhymes better with liquor and pictures. And "til his white shows" doesn't make any sense. I think it's "til his wife shows."

Then Jim | Reviewer: Yes please
    ------ About the song A Man/Me/Then Jim performed by Rilo Kiley

I believe "then Jim" refers to Jim before he passed, as opposed to "now Jim" who has indeed passed. But its also a very clever play on words in stating who the 3 "speakers" are in the song.

Jim's suicide note says he's baffled by the statement that "living is the problem" which are words spoken by the lady with the issues in the second verse, presumably his wife. Beautiful.

He will never leave.... | Reviewer: ...
    ------ About the song Does He Love You? performed by Rilo Kiley

I love this song. I've loved for a long time, and now that I've shared a similar experience i can feel her pain more. I stupidly fell for a friend who was secretly dating my supervisor and when I found out I was a bit crushed but shook it off. Then shortly after the night of the big reveal, we hung out at the park and he confessed his love for me, which in hindsight makes him a big asshole, it wrecked me. We kind of remained friends and then he tells me that he wants to be with me and he breaks up with his girlfriend, leaving me with a chance. Or so I thought, after tell her that he wanted to be single, she didn't see it that way, and the time I spent with him growing closer when I thought there was a chance was just a big fat lie. I found out about it one night at a bar with some work friends, it hurt so bad. When I finally spoke to him I told him to stay, I don't tell him I said it because it was killing me. I still had feeling for him and decided I should just tell him he should've fought for me and not let this chick,who felt like she deserved a good guy so she held onto him, just keep him under her thumb. Shortly after I made that decision she told me she was pregnant and I forgot how to breath for a while, I'm pretty sure my face turned a different color, I couldn't believe it. So long story short they got married had a kid and I see one of them almost everyday and it still hurts even though I wish it didn't.

an eloquent elliott smith tribute | Reviewer: alaskaonthemoon
    ------ About the song It Just Is performed by Rilo Kiley

in honour of elliott smith, jenny lewis and the rest of rilo kiley made this lovely tribute, just after elliott died*. it seems as though it's hopeless and full of grief and shock. like how so many felt after he died. it painted a nice portrait of him, too, if you really think. i think elliott would have liked it.
(*it has not been proven that it was a suicide. jen chiba is still a suspect.)

You will not find happiness here | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Better Son/Daughter performed by Rilo Kiley

There is no happiness in this song. It's a song about how hope is a total fucking sham.

It's a mockery of everybody who hangs on to the hope that they'll someday be smarter or better or happier without having to fake it in front of people, and about how things never get better despite everybody telling you that they will.

Rilo Kiley's music has never really been the kind that's supposed to be inspirational. From the Angels Hung Around to the Moneymaker, it's always either about how life is disappointing or how all the good you do is usually done out of necessity rather than benevolence.

Humans are bastards, and Rilo Kiley never pretended otherwise.

Depression | Reviewer: Mellow
    ------ About the song A Better Son/Daughter performed by Rilo Kiley

Yeah for ME this song is about depression. The highs and lows. How when your not depressed life is fucking great but when it hits you for no fucking reason you just wish you could die. But you'll keep trying no matter what, not because you want to but because its the only choice you got.

the title is the answer | Reviewer: sandpaperdoll
    ------ About the song A Man/Me/Then Jim performed by Rilo Kiley

To morick from 2/25/11:

"A Man, Me, Then Jim" refers to the different points of view of the three verses, I'm pretty sure. The first verse is told by "a man," talking about running into his old lover at their mutual friend Jim's funeral. The second verse is told by "me," i.e. Jenny Lewis (the singer/songwriter). Then the third verse is told from the point of view of Jim, before he killed himself, remembering his old girlfriend and how they were pulled apart by "the slow fade of love," which the first verse said was ultimately what killed Jim.

wow | Reviewer: morick
    ------ About the song A Man/Me/Then Jim performed by Rilo Kiley

when i first heard the melody i doubted that the lyrics could match its beauty but the words of the chorus are just gorgeous. they are clear and understandable despite being so sad. i am confused though.. 'jim' was the guy who killed himself.. who is the 'jim' or where does he fit from the last verse? this song is just amazing. soft and deep

great song | Reviewer: nas
    ------ About the song Does He Love You? performed by Rilo Kiley

I listened to this song for about two weeks just enjoying Jenny's voice until one day I actually paid attention to the lyrics and this shit just blew my mind. The delivery of the final line and the emotion in her voice is just so awesome.

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