Rihanna Lyrics

Rihanna is a North American R&B/Soul singer. Most of the
worldly population would also classify her as a tradtional
dancehall singer; who has splurged onto the entertainment
scene unexpectedly.

Rihanna was born on the Caribbean island of Barbados in
1988. Through the years, particularly during her pre-teen
and teenage years, she would sing to friends and family
only for amusement purposes. One day, a mutual friend of
Rihanna introduced her to music producer Evan Rogers, whose
home base is in New York.

He asked Rihanna to perform More...

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Review about Rihanna songs
i love him | Reviewer: sarah
    ------ About the song Diamonds performed by Rihanna

well u see why I love this song because this guy named Jacob nelson he rides my bus and when I heard this song I followed me dreams and know we r together

Iove moment | Reviewer: Olajide esther
    ------ About the song Man Down performed by Rihanna

Love is the moment,the day the moment u left i cnt stop thinking about u alway u are on my mind singing in my heart and my feelings stil keep calling u no body els bt u it so cool so cool when i remeber all the days we use 2gether loveing careing,cry again cry again it keep cry ad again my love keep cal of u cry pls dnt go,u are my ad am yurs alway be dat wil alway be,love is the moment the day the moment u left i cnt stop thinking abt u alway u ar on my mind singing in my heart.

    ------ About the song Disturbia performed by Rihanna

Although i like this song a lot, nevertheless, it's one of the many Illuminati songs that are intended to have a greater impact on anybody who listens it, so we have to be extremely cautious if we don't wanna fall in their trap(if you know what i mean)

very inspiring!!!!!! | Reviewer: b-unique
    ------ About the song Unfaithful performed by Rihanna

u know i am a cameroonian artist too and have always had a problem with narrating a story in a song but believe me this song has thought me alot on all of that. a big thanks to the composer or composers

I love this song | Reviewer: Llama lover
    ------ About the song Unfaithful performed by Rihanna

Omg I heard this at a talent show and looked up he real song.... Great job Rihanna this song is soooooo powerful to me and I almost cried watching the video... It crazy good and crazy powerful.... Beautiful song it's just sooo powerful I can't explain it it's beautiful

Ohw my God it Wipes my tears! | Reviewer: Nik'lita Glass
    ------ About the song Unfaithful performed by Rihanna

This is ma favorite song, it's so painful,it wipes ma tears of thousand years...my boy friend cheated on me many times, bt i dicided to let him go thou he leaves wth a piece of ma heart..my Heart is brocken into peices bt this song can fix it i swear...u Rock my world Rihanna.

cut into pieces | Reviewer: manzu norah boro
    ------ About the song Russian Roulette performed by Rihanna

I love this song like hell,nd most importantly I love the lyrics of the song . .my boyfren told me about Russian roulette meaning nd wen ever I hear the song ,I always take out the lyrics and sing along with Rihanna. . .its just awesome. . .

this is my summary of my ex and I. thanks hope you all don't get treated like i did!! | Reviewer: Clara G
    ------ About the song P.S. I'm Still Not Over You performed by Rihanna

yea!! I listened to this song a few days before Christmas because my ex boy friend cheated on me with another girl and I had to go over to my ex;s house for Christmas in 2013. It does hurt to git cheated on right before Christmas and i wish he would have told me but he didn't. I figured i had to find out my self and when I found out it tore my heart really bad. I know how everyone feels and I hope you all feel better soon. Its taking me a really long time to try getting over my ex boyfriend.

Touch my heart | Reviewer: Bilakshan frm Nepal
    ------ About the song Cry performed by Rihanna

When i listen this song it really touches my heart and my eyes were full of tear. I got this song by my friend. Though i listen english numbers since 2008 Bt I got thisone number in 2013.since then you are my favourate singer. I can't sleep without listening this song. There is amazing magic in ur voece which drage me to listen all of ur songs and you are the best and you inspire me. I love You so.......................... much Plz keep it up for longlasting

Old Memories | Reviewer: KASHISH
    ------ About the song Unfaithful performed by Rihanna

I still remember whn thz particular song was launched me n my frnd Angel wnt totally crazy n I evn set it as my ringtone aswell as the caller tune. I was dumped by my boyfrnd rather thn I cheated on him. Im still so much in love wid thz song. It still drives me nut....... Rihanna u really rock babe. I evn purchased the same dresses wht she has wore in the video of thz song......

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