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Alice In Chains Right Turn Lyrics

Last updated: 08/11/2011 11:00:00 AM

Inside always trying to get back inside
But it's so hard to penetrate pig-thick skin

I'm 'bout as low as I can get
I'd leave but I can't forget
Still I wonder why it ain't right, mmm it ain't right, oooh
Ain't right, mmm it ain't right, yeah

'Bout as low as she can get
She'll leave me but she won't forget
And she wonders why she ain't right, she ain't right
Ain't right, she ain't right

Now we're as low as we can get
Can't leave and can't forget
We ain't right, we ain't right
Not right, we ain't right

(backround)Well it's hard to believe that somebody tricked you
when you can see you were only high
It's all up to you so you gamble
flat on your face and into the fire

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Beautiful. | Reviewer: Podrebersek | 8/11/11

This stands out (for me, anyways) as the best song on AIC's completely beautiful Sap EP. The meshing of Layne Staley's, Mark Arm's, and Chris Cornell's vocals are fantastic, a masterpiece of the grunge-era.

AliceinMudGarden | Reviewer: Andrea | 6/13/11

Dude I wish these three bands(Alice in Chains,Soundgarden and Mudhoney)would have collaborated on more songs.I think they did this when they weren't going anywhere with their own bands it was before they gained mainstream or something.