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Blaque Right Next To Me Lyrics

Last updated: 03/09/2000 12:39:04 AM

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Good bye, it's time for me to go
I'll call you in the morning so I can let you know
The way you really feel boy, put your mind at ease
I don't think I will, if I make it
I still want you to be there with me

I'll be there one day
And you will be right next to me(right next, oh right next to me)
I'll be there one day
And you will be right next to me
Right here next to me

I wonder, will you be where I am, baby
Will you be by my side, boy?
Or with another girl?
Just wait a little longer,Boy I don't know how long
Just try to understand this is not what I planned
I'm sorry this had to be


boy, oh boy every man needs a woman
Its your lovin' that I choose
And I can't afford to lose you, baby
That's why I swear to the world
I'll always be your girl
Just say you'll be right next to me

Chorus(til fade)

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