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Ride the Lightning
(Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Mustaine)

Guilty as charged
But damn it, it ain't right
There is someone else controlling me

Death in the air
Strapped in the electric chair
This can't be happening to me

Who made you God to say
"I'll take your life from you!"

Flash before my eyes
Now it's time to die
Burning in my brain
I can feel the flame

Wait for the sign
To switch the flick of death
It's the beginning of the end

Sweat, chilling cold
As I watch death unfold
Consciousness is my only friend

My fingers grip with fear
What am I doing here?

Flash before my eyes
Now it's time to die
Burning in my brain
I can feel the flame

Someone help me
Oh please God help me
They are trying to take it all away
I don't want to die

Time moving slow
The minutes seem like hours
The final curtain call I see

How true is this?
Just get it over with
If this is true, just let it be

Wakened by horrid scream
Freed from this frightening dream

Flash before my eyes
Now it's time to die
Burning in my brain
I can feel the flame

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my argument | Reviewer: noneofyourbusiness | 4/6/14

love how most reviews are half about the song and half about their opinion of metallica and dave mustaine. i will say my opinion but not about anything having to do with the song or band. this song to me is some guy sentenced to the electric chair (i could probably find a different meaning but i have a ride the lightning shirt and it has a guy getting electrocuted on the back and it is the only song i can think of about this topic). i do not believe in killing anyone. i don't care how old they are or what they did. abortion is murder because you are taking a life and the unborn baby can't protect itself. obama keeps on saying "think of the children..." wherever yet he lets us kill our own kids without giving them a chance to even live. if you didn't want kids maybe you should have been more careful. i don't believe in killing even dangerous people like terrorists or bombers. the way i see it, they kill a bunch of people so the government decides to kill them. does that make sense to you? if i go out and kill my neighbors, and my neighbor burns stuff that is really dangerous (fires that are huge and will probably do damage to our health and there are a bunch of junk items like couches sinks fridges and tires near where he burns things cars eveywhere and the occasional explosion followed by even bigger flames), i will go to jail. if i go to jail for that, why can the government break the law and kill the killer? if they kill murderers, that makes them murderers and who will kill them? why is that fair and how? when some major tragedy happens most people want the person who caused it to die. they are thinking of themselves and not the person they wish dead's family. sure you may be upset that you lost a loved one because of this person but how do you think that person's family and friends feel if they get killed? exactly the same. it is disgusting that one human could wish another human dead but not even realize they are doing the exact thing they think deserves death. the only time it is okay to murder someone (in my opinion) is war, they aren't really living (stuck in a hospital unable to ever live again without tubes and a hospital bed and they can't even talk), and self defense ONLY if it is absolutly neccasary. of course, your opinion is most likely only partially the same as mine. i'm not forcing you to do anything just please at least consider what i just wrote. try to really think about it because that's what i did. it probably sounds like i am siding with the bad guys but i just think they're being treated unfairly. not my fault people don't consider everything and think about what they are really doing. please don't hate me for sounding like i'm backwards in my views but try to open up and see what is really happening. awesome song and album and was actually the first FULL metallica album i heard and i heard it sometime last year (i'm only 13 and i've heard 4 or 5 more since then)

ride the lightning | Reviewer: mid 80's metal fan | 12/4/13

this song is very powerful and is based on reality.to me this song is about someone who had a split personality and eventually the sickness got worse where he couldn't identify reality to fantasy and was extremely hostile to society and then one night went on a non motive killing spree of massacre and then got caught and taken by 8 authority figure to restrain him then in court the judge made the verdict of death sentence and the defendant extremely mental with the belief that death after life would be a continued path to further endless torture knew what was in store for him.

Stop Arguing Over Metallica And Dave Mustaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Insignia Reviews | 9/19/13

We have had enough of people arguing why Metallica kicked Dave Mustaine out of the band! Yes, he was a violent and obnoxious drunk, but people can be like that when they're drunk. Yes, he was a major contributor to the band's songwriting at the time. Yes, he was a great guitar player, perhaps even better than Kirk Hammet. But no, he had no right to get kicked out like that so early on. Righty-o. We are clearly the only sane ones in this argument. In short, Dave Mustaine developed rival band Megadeth, as a big "Fuck You!" to Metallica and their fans who put Dave Mustaine down and it is still a great band. However, if Dave Mustaine had not have left Metallica, they would never become the success that they are today.

And if you people (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) don't stop this brogdignagian nonsense, this load of rubbish from now on to the foreseeable future, we will kill your pets, replace your bed with a cardboard box, turn your water into sewage, steal whatever game consoles you have and it's games, wire your TV so it's stuck on ABC NEWS 24, break your computers hard drive, break your movie discs, turn your pets into cane toads, replace your car with a pink Peugeot 206, kill your entire family, make you married to Sheldon Cooper, be friends with Sam and Dean Whinchester, cut off your electricity and blow up your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or we can just kill you, so STOP ARGUING ABOUT THIS NONSENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ride The Lightining and Mind control | Reviewer: Justin | 6/28/13

This song is about James going through a session of TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL with electroshock torture to the base of the skull. Please look up the book called "The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave" by Fritz Springmeier. This will show you exactly what I'm talking about.
The pdf is available online for free but the info is invaluable.

Quit ripping Mustaine for not being a typical rocker | Reviewer: Mr. RPM | 5/22/13

I love reading hypocritical idiots rip Mustaine for being a Christian and GOP supporter. As opposed to many rockers that are liberal, antichrist idiots with an IQ half of Mustaine's. For those that don't know, he and Tom Scholtz (creator of Boston), have two of the highest IQ's measured when it comes to rockers. BTW, I love Metallica, old and new... Other than perhaps one album of course and it seems fans felt similarly.

The hell guys. | Reviewer: Matt | 3/21/13

People are battling about if Mustaine's actually the only thing that Metallica had good on it, if wasn't for him it would be the worst/best band ever, but who gives a crap anyways? It have already passed, over thirty years ago, so stop whining about him being a raging republican or about all that crap, and listen to the song. You're up to your opinion, yes, but fighting for it is ridiculous.

Metallica | Reviewer: Rebel with a cause | 1/31/13

Metallica , like everyone and everything else, went through an evolution. They adapted to the times and everyone has to do that to appeal to the new "crowd". Dont forget, haveing a band is also a business and it has to have sales appeal. I like them in the 80's and I still like them today. Thanks

Metallica | Reviewer: Donovan | 11/9/12

This is a song that I can't get enough of. Much like most of their songs, it sounds unreal live. I think everyone can agree that Metallica took a hit when we lost bass legend, Cliff Burton. In my opinion, the band was made much better by getting rid of Dave Mustaine and getting Kirk instead. If they hadn't it's possible the band wouldn't have survived with two alcoholics clashing. There isn't a thing I'd change about the band if I could. These guys seem to be living happy lives and you can tell how much fun they're having playing their music if you listen to them live.

I never knew it was so popular... | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/6/12

I like this song, but it never caught my attention very much... A few things, Dave Mustaine just isn't given much credit for his great musicianship because he's a raging republican, hardcore christian, drunkard jerk. I know Metallica isn't the most abstinent-from-drink band ever to see the face of the earth, but they're great musicians too, and they're not pricks like Mustaine.
I totally am with Matterstome, Rahul babu, and the people who said similar things to them on this one.

Lyrical genius | Reviewer: Matterstome | 4/15/12

Metallica sets itself apart from every other band through lyrical poetry, powerful rifts, and musical precision not seen or heard in other bands. There is depth in every aspect if there music. Few other bands can draw people to the metal genre that would have nothing to do with even rock music. Go Metallica! Keep pushing the envelope!

RIDE THE LIGHTNING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/11

IMHO, Mustaine is the best musician ever, Metallica is the best band ever(not by a huge margin though because of Megadeth) and this is the greatest song ever created(as a song but there's one instrumental I love a trillion times more)

Dave | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

Dave Mustaine actually wrote much of this song, along with some of the best songs on Kill Em All.I love the 80's Metallica as much as the next guy, but with each passing album you can hear them moving more and more away from Dave's influence towards mediocrity and mainstream, until they made some pretty downright boring albums. Everyone has their own opinion on what they like, but Mustaine is the metal genius responsible for much of the heavy metal sound as we know it, and that's a fact, not an opinion. It's a shame he often isn't given the credit he truly deserves.

Everything Changes | Reviewer: Rahul Babu | 1/12/11

All those who keep whining dat metallica has changed should just shut d fuck up. It was a conscious decision from Metallica to make every album sound different. And that's one of the things why i am a metallica fan... Unlike many other bands, you cant just dubb Metallica as a 'thrash metal' band. They've done almost everything... from 'metal militia' to 'nothing else matters'.

Metallica is the greatest, because they wanted to earn respect from the corrupt, cruel world by sheer quality... And they have achieved it, in a big way.. They are as open minded as their lyrics, and they respect music as a whole.. Which band would possibly think of synchronising symphony and metal like they did in S & M !!...And that sounded great too... Metallica are not just a bunch of rockstar badasses, they're brilliant musicians...

metallica forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/10

nice song, when i hear it, i repeat it so much....greats solos and good words......and about death magnetic i think its a good album, its not the best but its good, we need understand that they are trying to do it like olds times, and they do ti good this time . and its true that load, reload, st anger are shit

This Song rocks... | Reviewer: dan | 12/3/10

This song is a masterpiece. The guitar solo halfway through is one of the best peices of music for mortal ears to have a chance to hear and the make up and lyrics only add to the brilliance. anyone who gives metallica shit in any way better be a fucking musical prodigy or fuck off because these guys rock in both albums and live....If you can do better please do...

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