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Hiding behind the shadows
I'll be waiting in the dark
To drive this blade straight through your heart
I'll drag your body to the car
As blood races down my arm
I think everyone will wonder where you are tonight.

I'll hide you in my walls
Your body will never be found
I'll wear your skin as a suit, pretend to be you
Your friends will like you more then they used to.

Dear diary my teen angst bullshit has a body count! (count!)
I believe it's six going on seven now!!! (seven now!!!)

I've been dreaming about you
In a pool of your own blood,
With your eyes gouged out
By the work of my thumbs,
The scent of your insides
From under the floorboards,
The perfect perfume
For settling a score!

I'll hide you in my walls
Your body will never be found
I'll wear your skin as a suit, pretend to be you
Your friends will like you more than they used to
Pretend to be you,
Your friends will like you more than they used to

Ride the wings of...
Ride the wings of...
Ride the wings of... Pestilence!!
Ride the wings of Pestilence!!
Ride the wings of Pestilence!!
Ride the wings of Pestilence!!

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Stop looking at this title, look at the comment instead! | Reviewer: Fabulous Dee | 11/2/13

Personally, I believe this is a song about hatred and jealousy, and nothing but.
From what I can see, it's about being incredibly jealous of another person, and wishing they could be them; And willing to go as far to see if they wore their skin as a suit, would people like him better as a person.
And they just hate the fact they're popular and happy, and they want to be popular and happy too
But they can only fantasise.

loved them w/ sonny | Reviewer: Glenn | 11/7/10

K, so I hear everyone's thoughts on pro/con with and without sonny and I've got to say, its not that I loved the band only because of the singer, but its just like somethings incomplete now. It was like having the two of them there was so much more power and depth involved, so much more creative ingenuity.

Also, I dont know if anyone noticed but the bassist is gone now aswell, I loved those older basslines (ie. ride the wings, note to self, and secrets don't make friends)

Their older songs just fit in so well with the "scene" at the time, and sonny was straight in the heart of it, his face itself was postered everywhere, not even with any reference to the band, it was like there was a huge connection.

I don't know if its me but the "scene" and the whole scene thing and trend is dead, so I don't think the old fftl as a band would survive today.

Oh and sonny kindof ended up getting what he deserved, missing lots of shows, getting them kicked off tours, etc. - (what do you expect)

Some just aren't cut out for it in the long haul, he put all of his heart into it and had nothing left maybe.

Not liking his new dubstep stuff, and the "worlds away" single by the new fftl just seems to be filling space, its lucky enough theyre still managing to make it, but that probably has a lot to do with their prior success.

Well yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/10

Okay what everyone's saying about liking a band just ecause of the singer isn't all true... I mean honestly Sonny isn't THAT cute or hot or whatever. I admit I listened to this and watched the video only because of him but that was at the beginning... I mean seriously. And it was for something else, not just because I was like oh he's cute but anyway.
This song is just... I am so unsure, it's like he (not Sonny but the guy who's singing it... yes I KNOW Sonny sings it but I don't think HE is personally about to go murder someone, you?) is just frustraed and yeah music is a good way of venting and this is an amazing song but it's sort of disturbing anyway. Not that I mind disturbing... I mean I thought anything I've heard by Marilyn Manson is ten times this scary but still. I like it anyhow ^^

This song rocks so bad!!! | Reviewer: TightxjeansxcoreXD | 12/28/08

This is actually the online that I can listen like a whole week or something,.. It just shows so much anger and disorder,..
About killing the people who pranked and bothered you in your highschool period, And killing them,.. It's maybe sick, But i can understand the lyrics! The anger and emotion,..
Well Bye

This song! | Reviewer: MiaMayham | 9/21/08

This song is so awsome! Its also very grafic, but That why Sonny sang it lolz jk! I dont know the meaning behind it but i bet its good this song is my thrid favorite by FFTL First:Emily Secound: Kiss Me, ima contaguse

^_^ | Reviewer: Shorty | 8/1/08

just 2 words about this song... really fantastic! the lyric could seem macabre, but is just a way like another one, to say that the killer think to be better than the person that he killed... nothin more, nothing less! ^^ bye

yea yea | Reviewer: RastaBoi | 12/5/07

The music video for the song takes place in a Mexican setting. It features the band playing in a desert like setting. A weary man trudges around and seems to be on the verge of death. Towards the end of the video, the day turns to night and a sort of ritual seems to occur. There are savage looking people dancing around and a woman strapped to a cross. There is also another woman throughout the video who seems to be spinning violently. The video ends with the man dead on the floor with a pool of blood next to him.

This video and song seems to be loosely related to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" though nobody takes account for it. In the song, it seems as if Sonny Moore is talking to a girl while killing her, the video doesn't show this, but makes the man have a very guilty conscience, which later appears to kill him, even though this hasn't been proven. In the end the man is the victim, falling to "himself" and his dead friend.

Another interpretation of the song is that it's about teenagers who repeatedly murder their old images to fit in with the rest of the crowd, and the violent lyrics throughout are simply a metaphor. This is supported by the use of the word 'Pestilence' as opposed to illness, as the word pestilence defines a widespread epidemic.

uhhh | Reviewer: Ryan | 9/24/07

I hope you guys know that Sonny only wrote the lyrics for 2 of their songs. The rest is written by Matt Good. I personally know one of his best friends.

<33333 | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 9/22/07

This is my favorite song of theirs. I could listen to this song all day long. I love it. Althoughi am sad that Sonny Moore left the band. They will never be the same.

wow | Reviewer: shyla | 8/23/07

ive seen these guys so many times and they are way nice i love them, great friends too have everytime i hear this song it makes me smile ^^
its just that good, no GREAT...
hope to see them soon

wickedly awsome | Reviewer: brittany | 6/25/07

this song it wicked intense...but is so good!!!!
i love it
its deff. my favorite of theirs!!!!!!!!!

this song rocks so hard | Reviewer: Ryan | 5/24/07

this song kiks so much ass. i luv it this is the first song i heard by FFTL and ive been 2 every voncert since. plus the singer is so hott i luv emo people.

Years and im not tacky anymore! | Reviewer: Ruby | 5/14/07

Basically. My review is down lower on this review for Ride the Wings of pestilence and wow I was tacky I mean ‘bubbi xoxox’ yuck. Haha anyway. The reason I am writing this is to say who cares if someone only likes a band because they are hot. Well I do care but come on there are millions of people like that and why waste your time trying to sound different and say ‘Omg piss off you phoney you only like fftl because of the lead singer’ its like well duhhh. Image is everything and im sure he got your eye because of his attractiveness which then made you listen to them. Wake up. From first to last don’t have sonny any more, he was good even though he sounded like a whiney baby he still one the hearts of millions of myspace deluded ‘feens & fakes’.

Sweet Revenge! | Reviewer: Billy Jo | 5/15/07

OMG! Sonny is so talented, well the whole band is, but Sonny is so young and is just about to burst out of the seams with his talent. Who writes the lyrics for their songs? Did Sonny write The Waltz Moore? Anyways, will everyone please stop posting their myspace link on here? It's sort of an on going ad and it's SOOOO annoying. Thankies! FFTL ROX MY SOX!

From First To Last are... Godlike. | Reviewer: Sephiroth | 4/18/07

From First To Last first caught my attention when I heard The Latest Plague on Scuzz TV (Channel 364 on Sky TV). Ever since, I have been trapped in their world of fantastic songs and enthralling lyrics. Okay, now that you're bored of the posh speak, let me say one thing: This song KICKS ASS. I must admit, after I heard the song, I immediatly bought HEROIN, their album. I recommend listening to this song. Now.

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