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Shiny Toy Guns Ricochet! Lyrics

Last updated: 04/27/2009 12:00:00 PM

: verse 1

Welcome Back To
Where I'm Gonna Have You
Shell Shock Fall Back
Anyone I See Through
Watch Your Head Spin
Like A Mesocyclone
Bouncing Off The Walls
Now There's Nowhere To Run (Oh!)

~ Chorus

Like A Bullet
Meant To Be Shot
You're The Target
Dead On The Spot
When I Focus
I Never Miss
Starts With A Kiss......

She Ricochets - And You Don't Notice
She's In Your Head
And You Just Don't Notice
: verse 2

Let The Sweat Fall
Find Me In The Back Stall
Let It Snow Down
Now We're Gunna Deck Halls
I Hit The Bulls Eye
Making All The Boys Cry
Hit The Mainline
Breaking Through The Night Sky
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