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Rich Kidz Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2014 07:43:55 AM

[rich-kidz] - noun - an Atlanta-based musical force of young entrepreneurs achieving success.

Rich Kidz was originally a loosely banded group of teenage all-star solo artists from the west and south side of Atlanta. Amassed from various Atlanta high schools, the collective was brought together in 2009 by Kaelub Denson a/k/a "Yung PU" while at Frederick Douglass High School. Although not officially a group, the collective referred to themselves as "Rich Kid$". While having fun in the studio, they recorded a greeting to the music industry, "Wassup". With its melodic chorus it instantly became a fan favorite. All the teens had it as a ringtone and on their iPods and MP3 players. Their first full-length recording was a compilation of original songs entitled "Rich Kid$...On Our Block". A self-produced effort with other emerging teen producers that was promoted in their schools and surrounding neighborhoods by passing out CDs. Its popularity gained the participating teens a growing fan base. All of Atlanta's teens had "Wassup" on their iPod and MP3 player. Its popularity encouraged the guys to keep recording.

"My Partna Dem"

Another single soon followed. The neighborhood anthem"My Partna Dem". After remixing the song with Grand Hustle's Young Dro and leaking an in-studio YouTube video the song jumped in popularity. A major underground buzz followed. The guys were requested to headline local open-mic showcases, Sweet 16s and house parties. "My Partna Dem" began receiving play on local radio stations. The guys were requested for performances and radio appearances throughout Georgia and Alabama. The positive response encouraged the guys to record another compilation.

In four months, both "My Patna Dem" and "Wassup" eclipsed 1M plays on the MySpace social network. The songs became staple songs at Atlanta radio stations and clubs. After witnessing a performance at Atlanta's Club Crucial, T.I.'s Grand Hustle label began mentoring the group. In March they were featured in music publication, The Fader about buzzing single "My Patna Dem". All achieved without any backing or a record label. Just internet-savvy teenagers utilizing the internet and their resources to promote their songs.

In July 2009, the group and the single "My Patna Dem" gained national attention entering Billboard magazine's Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Singles chart. It would remain there for six weeks, peaking at #77 during its stay on the charts. The song became an internet sensation. It was remixed by hundreds of independent artists. Later by notable rappers Ludacris and Lil Scrappy.

"My Patna Dem" was the lead single for second compilation "Money Swag", hosted by DJ Infamous. The release was also reviewed by The Fader magazine. The release had several club-favorites including "Swag Worth A Million", "Ball" and "Bankroll Walk." After meetings with various record labels the group was unable to secure an agreement. In 2010, they released a third compilation "24/7" hosted by DJ Spinz. Although it received favorable reviews no radio single emerged from the release. Months later, two members secured solo recording agreements and continued their career in new situations.

RK4L ... Rich Kidz 4 Life, Ain't No Trading

Recognizing they represented a new movement, Yung PU and Skateboard Skooly took the reigns. The two made a pact to continue the force they created and continue recording as the Rich Kidz. They would continue telling tales of living the Rich Kidz lifestyle on Atlanta's westside streets.

First they needed a record label. So the two founded independent label Rich Kidz Music Group, LLC, with motto "Rich Kidz 4 Life, Ain't No Trading" or "RK4L" and signed themselves to their label. Next they needed to create a sound unique to them. So they recruited crew member RK Cash, emerging rapper RK Sabo and emerging producer London On Da Track to contribute. With tracks from other producers to complete the sound, they began recording their release. While writing songs for the album their inspiration was the struggle of nearing success and not fully achieving it. The title of the next release was obvious.

We Supposed To Stop, But We Didn't

Their first full-length release was the appropriately titled, "We Supposed To Stop, But We Didn't" hosted by Atlanta's DJ Kutt Throat. Due to the state of uncertainty surrounding the group the release was highly anticipated. In the Rich Kidz' tradition, it too was a collaboration with other emerging artists, Money Savage and Baby Charles.

In February they released the first single "I See You" to YouTube and the full-length release in May. The response from Rich Kidz supporters was positive. With its melodic chorus it quickly made its way to radio stations and clubs throughout the southeast with everyone chanting the chorus. Expanding the Rich Kidz brand, "I See You" was a staple at southeast radio throughout 2010. Its YouTube distributed video amassed millions of views and spawned hundreds of fan remixes.

Due to its popularity, the song was also tapped by independent clothing designer Oema Takoor for a cyber-marketing campaign in support of its 2010 fall line. The group modeled pieces from the line in a Wiggins Studios-directed in-studio video.

Straight Like That

Rich Kidz first full-length release, Straight Like That, is hosted by industry heavyweights DJ Scream and DJ Spinz. The inspiration for this release was illustrating life as young music entrepreneurs growing up on Atlanta's westside - the RK Lifestyle.

The 2010 Thanksgiving Day release was well received by Rich Kidz fans. In addition to several new songs, the release also includes remixes of "I See You" featuring YMCMB's Lil Chuckee and "Bend Over" featuring new RK4L solo-signee RK Sabo. The first single "Blind Hating" features Wee-Wee of 2500. A mid-tempo anthem about envy, jealousy and its consequences. The second and third singles, "Friends With Benefits" and "Bend Over" are realistic tales of relationship issues encountered while living the RK Lifestyle.

A popular third single, "Bend Over" achieved enormous support. DUDE Clothing Co., approached Rich Kidz about endorsing its 2010 fall line. In addition to the endorsement, the brand secured exclusive wardrobing rights for the group's "Bend Over" video shoot. The resulting video surpassed 1M views on YouTube, was featured in French music blog and popular web site World Star Hip-Hop. As a result, performance requests increased and booking agents began calling from as far away as France and Germany.


Within three months of Straight Like That, Rich Kidz were recording the next in the series, #StraightLikeThat2, hosted by Empire Mixtapes, DJ Greg Street and DJ Frank White. Interested in showcasing their versatility, Rich Kidz collaborated with various artists and also were approached by artists from Mississippi, Ohio and the Netherlands for remixes to existing songs.

This release was also well received by Rich Kidz fans. #StraightLikeThat2 received favorable reviews from reputable publications The New York Times and The Fader magazine. Several music blogs highlighted the release. Due to the success of the release, Rich Kidz have toured non-stop promoting throughout the United States in support of #StraightLikeThat2.

The group is also recording their untitled debut independent album "Everybody Eat Bread". The first leak from the project, "Never Did" was released to YouTube in August 2011. The entire project was released February 7, 2012. The night of its release it immediately gained national notoriety when song titles became trending topics on social network Twitter. Later the release was featured in notable publications The FADER, Pitchfork, Prefix and Spin magazines.

Everybody Eat Bread

After the popularity of #StraightLikeThat2 the guys went back into the lab for their next release. The Straight Like That mixtape series was suspended for a new campaign - Everybody Eat Bread. The release, impacted immediately upon digital release. The night of the release several song titles became trending topics on the Twitter social network. The release has received critical acclaim from reputable music publications The FADER, Pitchfork and SPIN.

In addition to music production Rich Kidz continue to expand the RK4L brand. This expansion includes merchandising, audio/video production and artist management. After featuring the RK4L branded shirts in their videos and fans eagerly requesting to purchase them the group formed RK4L Gear. So now their supporters can display that they too live the RK lifestyle. RK4L Gear offers Rk4L designed urban street-wear including T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

RK4L Management, a subsidiary of RK4L, is a full-service management and marketing firm. Specializing in artist development and discovery, the firm's services include multi-media production and creating digital marketing and promotion platforms to break emerging acts, clients include a roster including Rich Kidz, RK London, RK Sabo.