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The Velvet Teen Rhodekill Lyrics

Last updated: 12/12/2007 10:00:00 AM

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i woke up
i woke the dead up
i was a child
who never wanted to grow up
i used to drink
until i'd throw up
to quicken the day
i never thought you would show up
so when i run
i run until dark
so i can't see
the mess i make
oh foolish, it's too late
foolie-coolie, it's too late, too late
i will walk
in a straight line
how could i not
now that you're mine
our love
is a fire
it can't be controlled
sometimes you've got to go slow
will i be outdone
have i gone too far
i fear the fates
the lie-in-waits
oh foolish, if it's too late
foolie-coolie, it's too late, too late
it's where you are
not where you're going
not where you're from
you are what you love
and that is all

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