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The exciting, fantastic trip through an imaginary orld full
of secrets now enters its third phase: With "Dawn Of
Victory", the Italian, epic, symphonic metallers, Rhapsody
continue their successful journey, which began with their
two previous albums, "Legendary Tales" and "Symphony Of
Enchanted Lands". "Dawn Of Victory" is sure to catapult the
band once and for all into the upper echelons of the metal
fraternity, joining names such as Dream Theater, Savatage
and Gamma Ray. The album cleverly combines typical elements
of the trademark More...

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Review about Rhapsody songs
Not Dragonforce | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Emerald Sword performed by Rhapsody

*insert comment about Dragonforce*

No, this does not sound like Dragonforce, they didn't invent Power Metal. Dragonforce sounds like Rhapsody, since Rhapsody (of Fire) has existed since 1993 while Dragonforce has only been around since 1999. I personally think that Rhapsody is way better than Dragonforce.

Reviw for rhapsody | Reviewer: DicksButts
    ------ About the song When Demons Awake performed by Rhapsody

God damnit!, they sure did nail it when they tried to make an epic song, with a brutal lyrics like this one. Its so good that its makes me want to be a rainbow and fuck the sky...
Its perfect.

In response to Anyonymous 2/19/07 "Curious" | Reviewer: Count Alex van Wulfenstein
    ------ About the song Dawn Of Victory performed by Rhapsody

They are not gods of any Mythology. This statement is incorrect of course because the question is, who defines what Mythology is? A book may also have it's Mythology so can a story or anything, alas this is no form of any know Religion and are not worshiped in any way by humans. Who knows, you could be the first to open the church of the "Emerald Sword" in which the priest steps on to the altar with an electric guitar and after playing a song from Rhapsody (The lyrics being in the song book) the actual mass begins in which he talks about the Gods which you can give faces and characteristics to.

Excellence | Reviewer: DethHarmoniker
    ------ About the song Rage Of The Winter performed by Rhapsody

Deathborn hit the nail on the head. Yenzo wasn't listening. This song is brilliant in every aspect of the word. It even feels like winter, sounds like winter. I shiver at it's solos. But I think the person who submitted the lyrics misheard a couple of words. I was singing along with these lyrics and some of the words sound wrong.

I won't submit a correction because I already knew some of the lyrics I just needed to fill in the gaps.

Awesome live performance | Reviewer: RedAce
    ------ About the song Emerald Sword performed by Rhapsody

I first encountered this on the DVD live from Canada. I've never seen a crowd so enthusiastically singing along and 'into' the music as in the video of this song. Rhapsody's epic anthemic choruses are perfect for live performances. Just awesome.

I just... love it | Reviewer: A worthless pirate
    ------ About the song Never Forgotten Heroes performed by Rhapsody

The legendary band made a legendary song... There is so much love placed in this song, never seen anything like it. The never forgotten heroes mentioned are singed so nicely, it makes my skin crawl! I just love the rythm of the song from 1:57 till 2:40... there is so much love placed in this lines that it makes it flawless. Maybe I am just a romantic dreamer but I feel like I can fly when I listen to it... and then the rest completes to another immortal performance. Enjoy the wonder Rhapsody :)

Holy Anus | Reviewer: G-String
    ------ About the song Land Of Immortals performed by Rhapsody

This song is what got me hooked on this band... Epic instrumentation, memorable choruses, intricate guitar solos reminiscent of European classical music, and just fuckin' power metal! People need to get into this band.

Isn't Crusade...it's doomsday... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The March Of The Swordmaster performed by Rhapsody

Rhapsody always use the term doomsday to explain the most terrorific war, doomsday means "day of final judgement"
Then "I ask the wind for..." is "AND I ask the wind for..."
To finish...The final line is "TO avenge all those cries" not "I'LL avenge..." thx

Fury of the Storm's brother-in-law | Reviewer: Anon's Merc
    ------ About the song Emerald Sword performed by Rhapsody

This is one of the most awesome songs I've ever heard. An instant 10 out of 10, 5 stars out of 5, whatever.

And I call this Fury of the Storm's "brother-in-law" because when I listen to this song, I can't help but get a Dragonforce feeling. I'm not saying that Fury of the Storm is better, and niether am I saying that this is better. If anything, these songs are equally awesome. I'm just saying that this song is like a song by Dragonforce.

And no, your not going to kill me, anonymous person who said that you would kill me if I mentioned Dragonforce.

Kick arse, hands down! | Reviewer: Mitch OfTheMetalHeads
    ------ About the song Emerald Sword performed by Rhapsody

This song has to be one if the most amazing songs out there! True, I had to look up the lyrics to see what they ment, but even when i didnt know what they ment, it still sounded amazing! This is truely one of the only 2 Rhapsody (of Fire) songs i know, and is by far the best of the 2. I am a HUGE fan of DragonForce and am only 15, but let me tell you, the drums in this almost match DF, and they both just kick arse!
~Long Live Metal!!

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