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Pillar Rewind Lyrics

Last updated: 04/25/2010 11:00:00 AM

It seems just like yesterday was the first time that I heard You call my name
Since then, so much has changed
I'm still the same man that I was before
Knowing that I can be without anything scares me away from being alone
Now, that I know what's going on
I can look back and see You
And I made You wait, as I turned away

If I could rewind, watch all my life
Just pass me by, I could see You
If I could rewind, I'd take back the lies
And all of those times I hurt You

I don't know if I'll ever know exactly how much that I hurt You
Knowing that hurts me everyday
If I could rewind, I would take it away
And not make You wait, and I won't walk away

I wanna take back all those lies
I wanna take back all those times
I wanna show You with my life that I'm here for You

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Sup... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/10

Honestly, i don't see why everyone is like "OMG JESUS GOD SONG YAY" it's not just about God and that sorta stuff, think of it from a normal person's view, it could just be a guy hurting a girl... wanting to "rewind" fix it all and live another life

One of the Best! | Reviewer: Charles Gladding | 10/3/07

I couldn't think of a better song to worship God with. Pillar, dating back from their debut album Above to their latest The Reckoning, have made a number of rockin' songs...but this is one of their best.

AWESOME!!!! | Reviewer: jc_rox | 2/8/06

Rewind is such an awesome song!!! It's definitely my favourite on their album. I think the reason I like it so much is because it's a song we can easily relate to. We've all got a past full of things we wish we hadnt done, & if we could rewind, we would change everything. Especially with God. Everytime we've hurt someone, we've hurt Him. And when we think about all He went through for us, well... it can be hard.. & unfortunately life has no rewind button. There's nothing we can do to change what we did, but it's always the best thing to repent.. to look back, realise that we hurt Him & ask for forgiveness... & live differently, so that we can live the rest of our lives with no regrets. I think thats what's at the heart of this song & that's why it means so so much. You guys are awesome, Pillar!!

GREAT SONG TO REFLECT WITH | Reviewer: ryan | 12/19/05

First off, PILLAR ROCKS!!! This is not a hard or fast song, but a song to reflect with. Reflect about your life and the things that you have done. If you could rewind your life, you would be able to see where God came in. That is the beauty of Him and this song.