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Don’t come looking for me
Cuz I’ll be right here with the words you said
I’m looking for the words to say
You know what you did, you know
And how can anybody
Forget the promise that you made?
Cuz this is how the promise breaks
I always knew you'd fall through
And now you’re proof...

Rewind to the first time
That I felt it coming
I knew it would not last
And rewind to the first time
That I felt it coming
Make it quick make it painless
Don’t tell me lies just say goodbye.

And now your running from me
so cool, so scared of what you might have said
and no one's ever looked away, cause we know what you did, we know.
If I told anybody, then they would
soon forget your name and you would never have a place.
I always knew you'd fall through and now your proof.

And rewind to the first time
That I felt it coming
I knew it would not last
And rewind to the first time
That I felt it coming
Make it quick, make it painless
Don’t tell me lies just say goodbye.

Please don’t say too much, ohhhh
I think we’ve heard enough from you, oohhh

Rewind to the first time
That I felt it coming
I knew it would not last
And rewind to the first time
That I felt it coming
Make it quick make it painless
Don’t tell me lies just say goodbye.

Don’t tell me lies just say goodbye.

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P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N | Reviewer: Shaira | 1/2/13

I Love Paramore and they are just SO PERFECT. They are an ideal band and this song is so much awesome. I can't wait to hear new songs from them this 2013. And their new album, GOSH! I am so excited~! PARAMORE ROCKS! \m/

LOVE. THEM. | Reviewer: Paramore'sMyHeart | 9/25/12

I love Paramore so much I can't even describe it! This song takes them to a whole new level! Their music is the best I've ever heard! I can't wait until their new album comes out, I'm going to buy it as soon as I can! Never doubt Paramore. They're the real thing. Instead of trying to be rock stars, they're being themselves.

Oh God!I Need To Rewind! | Reviewer: Abby | 2/7/11

Oh God!I Am Really Speechless!I Cannot Say Anything Or Think Of Something To Say,It's A Really Thumbs Up Song!And Even My Toes Would Raise Their Thumbs For This!I Love Paramore A Lot And No Matter What!And I Hope When They Come Back Here In My Country They Will Sing This Song!WoHooo!Yeah!I'm Sooo In Love With This Song!Regardless That This Song Is For Those Who Came Up From Heart Aches,Hahaha...
This Is An Epic Song!Yeah!
-I Love Paramore(PmoreEatWorld)

i love paramore | Reviewer: Lucy | 3/2/10

but seriously, its you're. you only use your if you're talking about someone have something in their possession. eg, do you want your haircut?, you're so funny!, i like your bag, you're running from me. ok ok. i have a problem with grammar but get the hell over it.

These songs are from | Reviewer: Breem | 7/10/09

the b-sides people! B-SIDES! paramore just loves to add all this "hidden songs" or whatever... when you look at their albums there isn't that many songs but with all the tracks they have lying around eveywhere they have about 40 or 50 songs... it's awesome!! download them from itunes.

Brand new eyes also has b-sides... they're on the fracking deluxe box. i want to get my hands on those preorders soooo bad!!!

album | Reviewer: Chii | 1/25/09

I think this song it's a demo version for Riot! Maybe we can listen the definitive version in a followin' album.

I really love this band. I thought they were for emos, but now I need to hear them everyday :D

Charly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

What's wrong, no one in any place knows exactly from what album comes this song!, it just can't be truly!
Wherever, if any one reading this words knows something about from where is coming, please, write it over here. Thanks

gotta love them (: | Reviewer: sapnjotaaja | 7/31/08

really, I absolutely love Paramore.!! ^^ it's like, always when something goes wrong or this guy turns out to be completely shit or whatever, they seem to know EXACTLY what's going on.. their songs are awesome, I keep listening to them all the time.. they really ARE the best. :))

telling secrets (lol) | Reviewer: Aj | 2/24/08

i love this song so much and no you can't buy it the only way you can get these two songs left (rewind and circle) is to get limewire and download it there! PARAMORE U ROCK FOREVER! ^ ^

um | Reviewer: katarina | 1/12/08

i didnt know there were all these songs by paramore.i downloaded all the songs by them off of itunes for my ipod but itunes dont have the other songs and i want to hear them so any of you know if there is like a album for those songs?

:] | Reviewer: claudia | 12/6/07

How come Paramore always has a way of making the thoughts in our heads so clear.? I swear its like they know me(: haha.

theyre such an inspiration for my writing.

ROCK ON, PARAMORE!!! | Reviewer: Cakesniffer | 11/17/07

OMG!!! this song reminds me of my jack-ass ex-boyfriend!! other than that, this song rocks!!! But no suprise there, Paramore is amazing!!!! They DO always remind you of things that have happened to u in the past!!! tHIS BAND rocks!!


Holy Moley!!! =) | Reviewer: JennaGenocide | 11/8/07

THis song is just amazing.
It describes everything I'm going through right now.
paramore songs always do that.
I end up crying, but it makes me feel better
to know that i'm not the only one feeling this way.

Go Paramore!!! | Reviewer: Kim | 9/25/07

omg i cant beleive there's all these paramore songs outside the albums thanks for the heads up!! i downloaded all of them nw btw luv rewind its so awesum. i saw um in concert and they're better live!!! who knw!!

I (HEART) PARAMORE!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

I Love Paramore I listen to them in the car, on the way to school, on my phone, while doing homewok,when im getting ready for school! I love paramore they are they best!! Rock On!!!!

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