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Public Enemy Revolverlution Lyrics

Last updated: 11/16/2012 07:09:00 AM

Here I am
Superman again
Cause you know damn well ill never be a manniquin
Here I go
On upload
Stand up and watch this game unfold
3 minutes to download
Make your brains explode
With understanding,knowledge ,wisdom
Love,elevation and activism
Lets call it raptivism
Since a lotta mcees be stuck on isms
As in sexism
Self hate racism
Why many cats end up stuck in prison
New slavery
Is what you see
Is what you be
Beyond realitys'
A fantasy
But the fantasy is killin me
I don't give a damn if you bounce to this
I don't give a damn if you shake to this
But I give a damn that you overstand
The rapsuperman

The vinyl frontier
And I'm outta here
Have no fear some of these rhymes wear a cape
But the record don't fit on a stack of bush shit
Sick and tired of bein sick and tired
If what you want
Is what you need
If you can see yourself beyond the weed
Papa bringin on a new breed of emcees
Ooooh weeeee
Face it tell me why ex fans be hatin
The present state of the hip hop nation
Maybe its your president
And them corporations
Is why we in this situation
Son is dumb
So double up the drums
Here the beat go
Watch em all come
The rapsuperman

The rap superman
Cut off the program
Raised the whole fam
Now that sounds hot
I stop the robots
Children of the gone who the grown forgot
Lost then found x lovers of hip hop
Who watched another artform
Gone to rot
Beyond the bush I save a lot
Under the underground
Sound of hip hop
Even if this joint gets hot
You'll still never ever know what I got
Up in this spot
Now the rubber hits the road
Broke the motherlode
And hear the beat go
Here the beat go