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Dragonforce Revolution Deathsquad Lyrics

Last updated: 09/18/2011 11:00:00 AM

Flying over darkened skies the battle will call
Distant angels crying in the eye of the storm
And the world falls under the starlight shining from heavens below
Long years of pain and sorrow searching for more
Cry for the touch of angels never before
And the stars fall on the horizon onwards and up through the pain

Ride the wind and fight the demon steel shining bright
Standing together forever onwards flames burning strong
Hot wind in hell of pain and sorrow now and ever onwards
We stare into the dawn of a new world

Cry out for the fallen heroes
Lost in time ago
In our minds they still belong
When the sands of time are gone

Rise over shadow mountains blazing with power
Crossing valleys endless tears in unity we stand
Far and wide across the land the victory is ours
On towards the gates of reason
Fight for the truth and the freedom

Searching through the memories to open the door
Living on the edge of life like never before
And the ground chants under the moonlight facing their fears all the same

Heavens fear now open wide and up for the the call
All in stark reality the angels will fall
And the world cries out for the silence lost in the voices unknown

Blinded by the force of evil cries into the night
Never before have they seen the darkness now they are all gone
Out from the shadows storming on the wings of revelations
Your soul will feel no mercy come the dawn

Hold on for the morning after
Never to let go
In the fire's burning strong
When the tides of time roll on


[Solos: Herman/Twin/Sam/Herman/Twin/Twin Blast/Herman/Sam/Herman/Sam]




Thanks to Thomas Scott-Adams dragonforce1997@live for submitting Revolution Deathsquad Lyrics.

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THE SECRET TO LIFE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/11

I have an idea. Let's not argue about whether a band is good or not. It accomplishes nothing except to make everybody who participates a little bit dumber. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Kthxbai.

Your Wrong | Reviewer: The Corrector | 4/5/10

Good but in this one line over and over agian you messed up, it me cry it was sucha silly mistake.
The correct way to say this line:Rise over shadowed mountains blazing with power
Crossing valleys endless tears in unity we stand
Rise over shadow mountains blazing with power
Crossing their insintities in unity we stand

Great song!!!!! | Reviewer: Dores | 2/28/10

crazy song's n off course crazy band too,.. Can't change by another band in this world,. The first thing that make me fall in love to this band is a greatfull lyrics,n exciting skill of the guitarist,.success for dragonforce,i'm waiting for your new album..

to: 2 b fair, anonymous | Reviewer: Chris | 1/12/10

He doesnt play all the intros to their songs, for example the most well known one, TTFATF, the begining of that song, even though on guitar hero is played on guitar, is actually on the keyboard. They are all really talented musicians and each help make dragonforce what they are :)

2 b fair | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/09

well yea da keybordist is heappz gud but dat dont make up da whole song herman li is an AMAZING guitarist n contrayer 2 popular belief he plays da intros n uses a mixture of wah wah, talk box , a GCH27 n a thin he callz a pac pedel 2 make da noises accodin 2 him he wz "heaveli influeced by video game music" so its nt all keybordist

n 4 dose idiots 4 think leavin a bad comment is cool
its fukin nt y da fuk wuld u search up sumtin u dont lyk
is it cuz u got no fukin lyf??
n yes i am onli 14 but i luv dis band

It's not all guitar... | Reviewer: Hayden | 11/20/09

I know all you DF lovers think the guitar is the best. Well, IT'S NOT, the keyboardist does all the cool speed stuff. The guitarists are sort of the bass. They might play fast, but they play like 5 notes fast. I'm not saying I don't like DF, I just can't give all the credit to the guitarists, that's all.

idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

i have a brilliant idea for u all who dislike dragonforce. stfu and go listen to ur country crap. if u dont like their music then leave us true power metal fans alone. if u dont like the lyrics then dont look them up. more spesifacally, Stephen, talking about how to improve the song does no f*cking good. does it even matter that they get drunk. can u get drink a whole bottle of jack daniels and still play that fricking good? didnt think so

Dragonforce's Best? Maybe. | Reviewer: Areku | 7/17/09

I personally love this and TTFAF, and this band is one of the greatest I have ever heard. I'm OK with people that disagree with me here, but to all you dumbasses that say 'lol n00b dragonforce sux go fuk urself' or WHATEVER the hell it is, go f*ck yourselves, you are hopeless. This song is badass, and could be among the band's greatest.

WTFSHIT | Reviewer: WTF Reviewers | 6/13/09

Hey If you dont Like Dragonforce just dont listen to it and dont go search for the Lyrics then send Silly comments , if you dont like Dragonforce or anything in it , Shut the Fuck up and just quit that internet page . thats not fucking hard , you dont like it , you close it !

to all dragonforce haters | Reviewer: scott | 5/19/09

all you guys that go against dragonforce fuck off.....if your complaining about there lyrics then why the fuck are you looking them up. seriously?.. anyways dragonforce isnt even metal, its a whole different type of metal called power metal and take a lot of skill to play....if you wanna make fun of them you learn how to play the shit they play then maybe you can consider making fun of them....point is, dragonforce is absolutly amazing....end of story.