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Revile Biography

Last updated: 01/19/2005 07:56:58 PM

Revile began more or less in 1999, Gigging and recording in Ireland. The intention was simple - just to write heavy music, pass out and trade recordings with as many people as possible and to play live.
At the start of 2003 the band decided to make some changes. The work ethic was to be stepped up several gears, old songs were scrapped and new ones written, an ep was planned along with some different ideas for gigs. Strong vocal melodies replaced the Thrashy shouting style of past material and most of the songs were born in the studio through the process of jamming.

The songs were picking up at a fair pace so the band decided to put on a show in April 2003. In anticipation of this, "Suffer My Insomnia" was recorded over a weekend in Cosmic studios and T-shirts of the same printed. The gig involved bringing over an unsigned Norwegian band Inchi and the setting was the Temple Bar Music Centre. The gig turned into two gigs, the second being in Eamon Dorans with the idea of having diverse acts performing as opposed to several bands of the same ilk.

It was now May and the ep was taking shape, more songs were written and samples were integrated into the sound. After months of rehearsal Cosmic studios was booked for eight days over the period of one month from September to October. The ep was to be called High Tide.

The cd was released in Dublin in December 2003 selling approx. 100 units in the first week (to this date 400 in total). Revile then travelled to Norway for a short series of gig's with good friends Inchi which turned out to be quite successful. While in Norway they met up with members of Green Carnation and upon Revile's return to Dublin they immediately set about writing and rehearsing material for the follow up to high tide as well as arranging for Green Carnation to gig in Ireland for the first time ever.

On the back of a successfuly series of gigs in Ireland with Green Carnation which saw Revile play in front of 240 people in Dublin, the band are scheduled to record their next cd in July 2004 which they hope to release in September 2004. On top of this they have future gig's lined up in Ireland with bands from home and abroad (Firebird, The 9ine), a possible 'unplugged' session and if all works out a return trip to Norway will take place before the year is out.