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Lay waste torn asunder weak and lost in the past. Obfuscates the self mind,
ripped it away. Cobwebs and motes in the eye of the sun god. I think not,
serpent get thee behind me. Eradicated your somnambulant enigma. This field
has lain fallow, won't erode, won't soak up the sediment from your poisoned
mind. No, I won't soak up your misery, won't soak up your weakness, won't
soak up your banality. Taste vanadium, wide awake realizing what you've
done. Taste the frost, you chose your own death you know that you choose
well. I hate myself but not as much as I hate you. Tear yourself down.

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Aimed at reviewer jess.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/11

So You liken yourself to Dandy Randy, huh? Stop being such a prick to other people then, Mr. Know It All. So some dude got some misinformation on the internet, it happens. Doesn't give you the right to talk down to him and act like you're superior because your knowledge of a band is more vast and particular than his. We metal heads are suppose to bond and unite, not tear each other down. I bet people in your town hate your Know-it-all attitude. Die.

nah | Reviewer: jess | 6/11/11

Burn the Priest was heavier than Lamb of God you fucking idiot. they are not the same band. and it's sad, cuz obviously you've listened to both of them since THIS IS A BURN THE PRIEST SONG. but Randy's amazing either way, and he's the type of guy that would say the same exact thing that i just said.

vocals | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/10

i learned to scream, sqwawk, and roar, by trying to cover lamb of god. i love these vocals. i started off barely being able to do redneck. now, name a song, and i can match Randy. fucking amazing metal. oh, and to the fucknut tht said btp is better than lamb of god, youre retarted. same band. different name. if you cant come to grips wit tht, i hope your children rip your toungue out of the back of your skull. have a good day :)

Lyrics | Reviewer: Myke | 2/23/10

on this part "I hate myself but not as much as I hate you" they got the lyrics wrong. lol i have checked 4 other site all saying different stuff like
"I hate myself more than you." and "I Hate Myself the more you burn" lol only randy blyth knows. thats why he's awesome.

BTP | Reviewer: SkepsisMetal | 11/23/09

Im definately going to agree with the title of the last post; "this comes from a place few will ever descend to"...Randy really has ripped this out of himself from really far down in a dark fucking place in a corner of his soul. Not many songwriters do that, they just sugar coat the surface so the radio listeners can relate to their piss poor sob stories. Bands like BTP and LoG are just raw energy and emotion...told like it is. Mad props to all of them for the skills involved. As for the genre debate, this isnt strictly death metal, no, but its far closer to it metal i saw somewhere on here. Death influenced Hardcore...which I guess would make them in the first wave of "deathcore", but i fucking hate that term. Just like i dont like to label LoG as metalcore, althouth they fit that best if you are nit picky. All in all...metal is metal...metal is life

this comes from a place few will ever descend to!! !!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/09

The intensity of this suffering vocalist is so clearly made manifest in this particular song. Just listen as his lungs sound as though they're about to explode from the rage within. I love this song, and I think that it testifies to the fundamental axiom of "life" which is one of the 4 noble truths of "LIFE IS PAIN>>>>>>" R. 2009

New Wave of American Heavy Metal | Reviewer: Ender | 11/6/08

Lamb of God and various other metalcore/death metal bands from America in the past ten or so years have been classified as New Wave of American Heavy Metal. That's their "Official" subgenre. Basically post-Pantera groove metal. Works for me.

They didn't change because they lost their guitarist. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/08

They changed because people were coming to their shows for the wrong reason.

Willie was with BTP for the last year they were BTP and LoG is NOT mainstream bullshit. Let me ask you, why are they mainstream bullshit because they've evolved? Because Randy LEARNED how to sing/scream? They are both amazing (BTP and LoG). By the way BTP was not death metal as their lyrics were not about death... Death metal is not just "more obnoxious singing" You're really short sighted if you think LoG sucks and BTP is good.

it's a fuckin rager | Reviewer: Godflesh777 | 10/3/07

goddamn this throws down

lamb of god IS burn the priest as stated below same band different names different guitar player

anyway this may be blythe's most commanding vocal presence ever I fuckin love it

bow down

ps. death metal is not strictly about death but a good example of the genre of "death" metal is six feet under the band

it has a VERY distinct sound that seperates it from other bands unlike black metal

by comparison I call burn the priest str8 up hardcore like pantera but with a twist of black metal satanic or not

The House of Flesh

your all motherfucking idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07

first of all btp and log are just fucking metal. same band with the addition of willie. they only changed their name because people were coming to their shows and listening to their albums for the wrong reasons. they were not satanic and they didnt want to be promoted as such. listen to a fucking interview dipshits.

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