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Common Resurrection '95 Lyrics

Last updated: 11/19/2008 11:00:00 AM

Yeah I'mma get this one off for 87 Street
South Side of Chicago, Chicago everywhere, check it
It's like c'mon y'all, get live, get down
Common Sense is in your town
I said c'mon y'all, get live get down
Common Sense is in your town

Verse One:

I stagger in the gatherin' possessed by a pattern
That be scatterin'
Over the globe, where my vocals be travellin'
Unravel in my abdomen, it's slime that's babblin'
Grammatics that are masculine
I grab them in, verbally badgerin' broads
I wish that Madelline was back on Video LP
Raps I make up like blacks do excuses
I feel like Noah, hookin' my mellows up on deuces
If a broad ain't got a mind, a job, or crib, she useless
Acoustic basslines embrace rhymes while I chase mine's
They say signs of the end is near;
I wonder, "Can I walk a righteous path holdin' a beer?"
Got more verses/Versus than a Kramer, go off like a pager
Skills uglier than Craig Mack, in "ya ear, I'm the flava"
My old bird said some of my songs sound like noise
Don't watch the Bulls as much, they've got too many white boys
A million black men walkin' towards one direction
For sure, the cream of the planets... resurrection

Verse Two:

A prophet, raised among Black Disciples and Vice Lords
Who don't give a fuck about mic chords and nice wars
get up, together black wrists get cuffed
I'm wishin' for a change; my man wants his change in a cup
Yessuh! I'm in the Mix-a-Lot
Bitches put 'em on the glass while I'm puttin' stickers on they ass
I rule Everything Around Me, like Cash
On the rocks of reality, dreams get splashed
In jams I M*A*S*H like Alan Alda
Niggas nod, then say "hey," as if I was Little Walter
87 strip-walker, taught the Code of the Area
by stayin' within the barrier
Exposed to Stony stimuli; with that I identify
Brothers went through my rotate solidify the realness
Skull-caps, Murf Puffy jacket, Lug boots on
Steppin' to me is like goin' to the county being a Neutron

Verse Three:

I ride the rhythm like a Schwinn bike
When in dim light,
I use insight to enlight
Device up in da skin tight
Words of wisdom wail from my windpipe
Imaginations in flight
I send light, like Ben's kite I've been bright
Get open like on gym nights
And in fights I send rights
Don't hook with skins my friends like
I spend nights up in dykes
I've been indicted as a freak of all trades (DOOH-DUH-DOOH-DOOH DOOH-DOOH!)
I got it made
I bathe in basslines, rinse in riffs, dry in drums
Come from a tribe of bums
Hooked on negro and mums
Had to halt with the, malt liquor,
Cause off the malt liquor I fought niggas
Now my speech and thought is quicker
Cruisin' Southside streets with no heat and no sticker
U-AC got my back and we don't get no thicker
87 got my back and we don't get no thicker
Chicago got my back and we don't, now check it
I'm a hoe but not a hoe-nigga
Ain't scared of no nigga
But when it's my turn to go, I gotta go
And I'm gone with the storm