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Reset Biography

Last updated: 04/16/2003 06:27:47 AM

Reset is:
PIERRE (vocals)
J.S. (bass)
PHIL (guitar)
CHUCK (drums)

The 4 members of Reset, who are all around 17-19 years old, have accomplished a number of things in their short career. I know that at their debut, they recorded a demo, and in 1996 at "L'Auditorium de Verdun" in Montreal, at a Bad Religion show, Chuck met Gregg Graffin. Gregg listened it and gave some tips and encouragements to Chuck. After, they played with many excellent punk bands such as Pennywise, Ten Foot Pole and Face to Face. They also played in great shows like the Ramp Rage, the Sno-Jam tour and the Vans Warp tour. They owe this success not only to their musical talent, but also to their great lyrics and most importantly, to their energic LIVE performances. If ya got the chance to see them live, anywhere, don't miss it. They're also very friendly (like many other punk bands) so if you see them, you could be able to talk a bit to them.