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Lamb Of God Requiem Lyrics

Last updated: 06/13/2011 11:00:00 AM

Down, chemical sacrament
Blasphemous prayer
Deliver me from this
So serene apocalypse

Just make me fucking numb
Deaf, blind, and fucking dumb
Return to sacred sleep

This could be my requiem
And I'll feel no pain
This could be my requiem
But don't bury me too deep

Drain infected brine
Sickened cesspool shell of mine
Strap up the hands of time
And push the soul into the vein

Just make me fucking numb
Deaf, blind, and fucking dumb
Return to sacred sleep

This could be my requiem
And I'll feel no pain
This could be my requiem
But don't bury me too deep

Sink, suffer, self destruct
Rise, stronger, reconstruct

Dispose, discard, deny

And I will feel no pain

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drug | Reviewer: 1lambofgod | 6/13/11

why the fuck u put drugs in evry fuckin song ??? tell me why u want to explain in evry song that is about drug... ?! just cause u use drug and your mind is just goin over that shit thought ... forgett about that evryone is a drug user and all song is about drug... u try to put in all song its meaning is drug... like u said with master of puppets from metallica ... just listen carefully u find it out he has enough from god ... master means god in that song ... just call my name to hear u scream ... if u had a bad pain or u r dying u call his name.. u will say oh my god please help me... but more important forget about drugs and putting it in evry songs meaning that shit ...

heroin? | Reviewer: J-Diz | 3/16/10

I know there's a Jim Jones clip in the song but I think this song is about heroin. right off the bat he say refers to the "sacrament" as "chemical." he wants to be delivered from a serene apocalypse. he later says just make me numb and deaf. heroin does numb the senses. not physically of course but heroin could numb emotional pain.
what really gives it away is the "strap up hands of time." you need to strap your arms before injecting heroin and he also says "push the soul into the vein." that could be a metaphor. a heroin addict's brain doesn't produce dopamine when they're not on the drug they feel like shit. later in the ending he says dispose discard deny. could mean get rid of the needles and deny all of it. this could also be about meth, because i believe it can be injected thru the veins as well.

Full recording lyrics | Reviewer: Kicker558 | 11/20/09

This is what Jim Jones says in the song. It is only an exerpt of the full 45 min. recording...

I know that we had better not have any of our children left when it's over, cause they'll parachute in on us...Because we are not committing suicide, it's a revolutionary act. Let's get gone, let's get gone. (children screaming) There was nothing we could do, because we can't separate ourselves from our own people. It is not to be feared, it is not... Read More to be feared, it's a friend, it's a friend...Let's be done with the agony of it. It's far, far harder to have to walk through every day, die slowly: and from the time you're a child, til' the time you get gray, you're dying...Mothers, mothers, mothers, mothers, mothers, please, mothers please, please, please. Lay down your life with your child but don't do this. Good God almighty, God almighty.

-Jim Jones

the peoples temple | Reviewer: jbone | 10/30/09

the middle section is in fact a excerpt from a 45 minutes audio tape of Jim Jones speaking to his congregation as they were drinking grape flavored Flavor-Aid spike with Cyanide. Jones was a socialist/communist who basically brainwashed his people mostly comprised of African Americans. Congressman Leo Ryan along with news crew went to investigate "Jonestown" after allegations of physical and sexualy abuse surfaced. Congressman Ryan along with 4 others were shot and killed by Jonestown militia as they were about to board their plane to leave. Jones being the selfish crazy person he was persuaded his people to commit a mass suicide fearing that he was going to be shut down following the shootings. Children in the audio can be heard screaming and crying while Jones is trying to console them telling them no to fear death. Those who refused to drink were shot. I execution style. Over 200 kids and 700 adults died. the entire audio tape can be found on youtube and is very eerie. If u have kids hug them tight after hearing it. It is a glimpse into the insanity the human mind can reach. There is also a documentary on it. this happened in 1978 so theres tons of information on it.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

To me, this song is a journey of lost youth and constant renewal of self worth. A strengthening of emotion in a way, addiction and struggle in the palm of your own hand, but you just cant find a reason. Deep.

missing lyrics | Reviewer: Nico | 11/13/08

that part is when the member of the religious cult "the peoples temple" having a meeting with their leader jim jones who chose to drink kool aid mix with cyanide and 900 people where killed including children


missing lyrics | Reviewer: paul | 5/24/08

theres a part in the middle of the song where it gets quiet, and it sounds like a preacher or something talking, but it keeps skipping randomly, what is it saying at that part ? :(

all i can make out is


Not to be committed suicide...
We can seperate ourselves from out own....
Not to be feared, not to be taken for granted, taken for granted
Lets be done with the agony of it! (cheering)
Die slowly
by the time you were....good ways to die
?Mother mother mother clue, clue , clue"???<Dunno
Damn your life is a drag but this isnt good, i said damn your life is a drag..


wish i knew :(

Sweet ass track | Reviewer: ChazCobain | 10/3/07

This is one of the rawest tracks on the album, the guitars and fuckin banging and the vocals are are creepy and foreboding, one of my faves