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Since the releaseof REO Speedwagon's first record in 1971,
the band that started out in a rented Chevy station wagon
playing bars across America, has produced 17 critically
acclaimed albums, scored 13 top 40 singles (including two
Billboard #1's) and sold over 40 million records. From
their electrifying performance at the historic "Live Aid"
concert, to President Clinton's 1996 Inaugural Ballè’®rom
appearances on the Howard Stern Show, Politically Incorrect
with Bill Mahr, VH-1's Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy and The Today
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Review about Reo Speedwagon songs
This song vanished!!! | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song Gary's Guitar Solo performed by Reo Speedwagon

I had the vinyl, you get what you play for, about 35yrs ago. My brother stole it. I haven't heard anything about it since. I have searched high and low for Gary's guitar solo. I am convinced it no longer exists on earth. 35yrs, i want this song. Why they took it off when they made the cd, can only be described as utter stupidity, ludicrous! That is the best guitar slo ever. And i cant find it anywhere. Omfg!!! Unbelievably stupid...

Never stop loving you | Reviewer: Julie
    ------ About the song Unfinished Poem (Can't Stop Lovin' You) performed by Reo Speedwagon

Truly love this song. Something new. Truly love in your heart. This new single be hit song. I think all Reo Speedwagon. Fans what something new. I enjoy classic songs from past. Love find in the stars in heaven. Some kind of dream I always wish come true.

Time for me to fly | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Time For Me to Fly performed by Reo Speedwagon

The song does have some good meaning to it . It was voted our class song when I graduated High School all those years ago. I hadent thought about that song in years and today Iwas sitting in Wal Mart parking lot and heard it on the oldies station. Came home and dug out my old 45's from High School and I had it still so I had to play it again. Great song for a pick me up from a bad day.

This Song Is AWESOME | Reviewer: Bailea
    ------ About the song Take It On the Run performed by Reo Speedwagon

I am positivly in LOVE with this song. I'm only 11 and i love all the Reo songs! I would recomend it to everyone who is a music lover. GO REO SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dream Weaver by REO Speedwagon ? | Reviewer: Roland B.
    ------ About the song Dream Weaver performed by Reo Speedwagon

Gary Wright wrote this song and also performed it (played alot on the radio in the seventys). I never heard REO play it. With all the songs they wrote, why would they ?

- Rol

Time 2 Fly | Reviewer: Margaret Ruiz
    ------ About the song Time For Me to Fly performed by Reo Speedwagon

This is one song that I can relate to so much and even though I have it on 2 of the CDs that I own I never really listened to the lyrics till now and how they hit home for me.
Thank you REO Speedwagon for once again having a song that I can relate to so much. Looking forward to seeing you guys perform on 8/4/07 in Ventura, CA.

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