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Letlive Renegade 86' Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2013 06:02:50 AM

you said it was a boy that bears your name
but eighteen’s a man
I know everything they know
yes I’ll bear your name
yes I’ll wear that crown
heavy lies that thing, I know
(I will dance by myself atop my early grave, so come on mother fuckers)

here in the sun, there’s only fifteen minutes of fun
(hope we tan and hope we can burn up)
and I will stare at the eclipse just to believe it. so what?
(hope we tan and hope we can burn up)

if it wasn’t for the boy that bears your name
well you’d be the man
it’s a damn good thing you know
that there’s no shame in stepping down
as long as this boy steals the show
they said you’re nobody until someone kills you
that’s what B.I.G. said so I do too

ya, I gotta copyright
oh ya, I’m writing all the books
(I'm the record book)
copyright, I gotta copyright
(all the record books)
and tonight I’m signing all your books
(sign the record, I'm the record books)

and we, ya we can, all burn up