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The dirty lord of the manor surveys his filthy domain
Too many nights raising hell worked a little all too well.
Constructed a monument to denial and excess
Sunk so low, crawled so far back there's nowhere left to regress.
If these walls could talk, they would tell a horror story
Never-ending winter, violence and infidelity
Shadows fall through broken panes
Careless words that are filled with hate
Just enough to keep it together, never enough to make it work.
All the tongues here are forked.
We are a hailstorm of broken glass, follow the path of least expectance.
A huge stinking pile of sick.
Pile it higher and higher.
Light the match, start the fire.
Level this place until nothings left and take us with it.
Surroundings are irate.
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Crack of dawn brings naught but pain.
Resentment steadily grows.
Laughing in the gallows
Full throttle determined to fail, pedal to the metal asleep at the wheel.
We are the lucky ones, welcome home
Burnin' higher and higher.
Light the match, start the fire.
Level this place until nothings left and take us with it.
Poisoned nerves and a bloody antidote
Violence is not an aberration, its a rule.
Dying beyond the pale.
Your beatings will continue until my morale improves.
I don't hate you, I'm just removing an enemy.
Remorse is for the dead
I'm just removing an enemy
Remorse is for the dead my enemy,
Remorse is for the dead... the dead...
The dead... the dead... the dead...
The dead...

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Hidden in Plain Sight | Reviewer: Saucy | 2/5/13

What if the song was based off of the mental ideals that exist such as hatred for each other and the imminent results of horrid actions such as wars and all types of things of the like and is saying that the human race as far as how we live and think is nothing but a pile of shit. Also "Just enough to keep it together, never enough to make it work." might mean that we've always been on the verge of total destruction never fixing the problem but merely just barely avoiding it for now.

But hey what the fuck do I know.

Meaning and what i feel | Reviewer: Stuff | 6/26/12

every time I listen to this song I feel how everything that humans do is totally worthless and how hopeless humans are. But the song's real meaning is about bush and the Iraq war.

Whatever people feel or whatever the song's meaning is, this song is one of the best metal songs ever. LOVE U LOG!!!!!

remorse for the dead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/12

This guy is just so pist off that he cant deal with anyone in the shitty assed world we live in, and the people that actually see whats behind his face cry because they feel the anger, hate, and pain that he has delt with through out his life. the reason why this song is called remorse for the dead is because the people that don't have emotions, are pretty much living zombies. well this guy probably still feels emotions you just have to piss him off one good!

I love seeing the reviews. | Reviewer: Douchecracker162 | 11/22/11

What I love about this review section is how you can draw guItar is a liberal from what I vaguely, vaguely, VAGUELY skimmed in his review. It's funny to see how everybody is hating this one guy for a well thought and detailed answer. But whatev's I'm not here to judge just learn some song lyrics. It's kind of pointless to debate on this site for political issues, because I doubt many congressman and senators and etc will wonder what Lamb of Gods song: Remorse is for the dead is about. All I'm attempting to say is if you wish to debate go where a majority of the populace will see you.

blah blah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/11

There are a lot of good points on what you all think the song is about and everybody hears it differently. I think this song is about slavery. I might be wrong, but that's what i get from it every time i hear it. who knows, maybe i am just really racist for thinking that hahaha

This entire album is about Bush and Iraq | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/11

I don't know why you guys are bashing this dude, Ashes of the Wake is practically a concept album about the Iraq war (look it up on Wikipedia). There are a few tracks such as Omerta that aren't but for the most part, this album is the band's way of expressing how much they hate Bush and the Iraq War, so the idea that that's what this song is about isn't that far fetched.

Not to say that I agree with the themes of the album (I personally don't think Bush was a bad president) but I don't let my political views get in the way of me enjoying good music.

Omg guitatocam! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/11

Lol !!!!! I don't give a fuck about politics and whatever bullshit. BUT GUITAROCAM YOU FAT SKINKY FUCK!!! HOW DARE YOU SAY ONE GUN IS FROM SACRAMENT!!! YOU SHOULD BE HUNG FROM WHERE YOU STAND!!! you don't deserve to listen to Lamb of God...

LoG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/10

"Obama=FUCK UP AMERICA". You sound like a redneck sheep. You so interesed in blamming the black guy that you dont even look what Bush did: Nothing. Spent money.

Lamb of god is one of my favorite bands, and I getting this title name tattooed on my arm next month. Saw them on heavy mtl 2010. Short, but sweet, too bad they didint played Omerta.

Hahahahaha haha ha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/10

i love these insults haha they're funny as shit imma bookmark this page and read these whenever my day sucks. For the curious, i do agree, Guiratocam is a fucking retard and Obama=FUCK UP AMERICA. Lamb of God did this song in Vegas once and i was there, it blew my mind.

In short, great song and Liberals suck.

meaning? | Reviewer: Richard | 7/2/10

1.LoG fucking takes the cake hands down. 2.I totally think this song is more about a failing relationship between two people who have been trying to work shit out. "If these walls could talk, they would tell a horror story
Never-ending winter, violence and infidelity
Shadows fall through broken panes
Careless words that are filled with hate
Just enough to keep it together, never enough to make it work"

fuckn' metal | Reviewer: alexi | 6/14/10

remorse is for the dead,fuckn' nice title... About the lyrics,its a gud one... Whenever log starts any song with pluckin' jst wait for da fuckin' riffs to come.. Like vigil and grace dis song fucks da shits.. LOG is fuckn metal.....

Why so hostile | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/10

You're all acting like kids. Guitarocam made a relevant and well reasoned contribution, yet you keep on insulting him for his opinion. It is a fact that LoG is very anti-bush, and it would surprise me if they didn't have Bush in mind when they wrote this song. That said, LoG also often have several meanings to their songs. The point is for us to interpret the songs ourself and make up our minds, decide what it means for ourselves.

It could as well be written in an ironic way to say that we all are fools who kill without empathy. How cruel the human race is, how we defend ourselves only for how we are portraited, and not for ourselves. How we avoid making amends etc.

That is what I think, maybe you should say so too, but without dragging other people down.

republicans liberals shit ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/10

dont have a clue what al this republican liberal shit is, im geusing though as they are just the same as the british partys so realy no matter who gets voted in if they are a major party. fuck all will change really. any way enough polotics, i do think the song is about iraq or at least war in general, one of the last lines says it all really. i dont hate you, im just removing an enemy. when soldiers kill an enemy its not because they hate the individual they are killing,they are just following orders to remove an enemy of the country they are fighting for. weather thats taliban vs america or england v the nazis in wwII. its got to be about war though, and the constant referances through out the song suggest its about how shit they think bush was and that the war was clearly illegal

liberals do suck.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/09

as much as i hate what guitarocam was saying down there about this song i believe he is right about what this song is about. randy is a big liberal and it wouldnt suprise me that he wrote this song about the war. well all i can say is that bush is gone now and we have the "miracle worker" in office now i hope all the liberals including lamb of god are happy now. America is suffering because of Obama in many ways.

Honestly? | Reviewer: Sam | 12/17/09

Yeah, guitarocam, you're fucking retarded. I seriously cannot believe that you went all that way just to throw out an opinion. You could have summed it up to "I think this song is about Bush." But no, you're one of the narrow-minded liberals who tries to get into people's heads with all their bullshit.

And by the way, you have A LOT to learn about life. You fucking idiot liberals are so fucking stupid, I don't know why any of you are alive.

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