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Aaliyah Remember me Lyrics

Last updated: 06/02/2009 11:00:00 AM

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I just want you to remember me x10

How I was good
Remember those place (you took me to)
You had done for me
You had to lie to remember those thing you put me through
It seem you can't remember
You just forget about me
When I try to hold your hand (you pull away) I said try with you
Just remember me
I come back
Remenber me, remember me baby

I'm the one
You said you stick for up for me remember me
Ooh well, you can't
Now you want to remember me babe

Remember, remember remenber me I just say
Remember remember remember me I just say baby that what you need to do x5

Verse 2
If I got two wrong against me
You one of them I don't feel save time
Crime you've committed (for the both us)
I don't feel like sit here go over you
Time is wasting
Now time to go
Remember me try

Remember remember remember me I just say
Remember remember remember me I just say baby that what you need to do x5

Now you said you take care of me
Now you said you said empty promise
Will not forget me
Cause you gone
Nothing I can't do
Just remember, all thing that we did (aint front on that one) just how you hurt me thing you can't say to me and the whole world about us now it good for you what about me
Just remember all the the pain you had left, now I soaked up just remember all thing that went wrong for you
I can't be there you know what happen
When you gone again where the pain in that just remember me babe
I sadly to say I 'm not a robot


You want to remember life with me I am disturb for you it seem us been this way you want to say just can't say how I left you think you get me back what about other chick you had to go home to don't try to pay me baby I know what up when you stay late that what up I could do same old thing you try do to me who one leaving remember me one
Just remember me baby I'm the one


I won't let you
I just won't let you
Can have my life back
You all the wrong
You said let put this behind us baby (really you handle that one)
We be alright just remember my name isn't baby
What you want to call that isn't me you talk about
Now I'm sit here alone while you mess with those ho
No, compliant for me any other you been with
No, just remember me


Remember remember remember me I just say remember me I justsay baby that what you need to do x5

(Chorus) out

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