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Josh Groban Remember Lyrics

Last updated: 04/28/2013 03:56:34 PM

Remember, I will still be here
As long as you hold me, in your memory

Remember, when your dreams have ended
Time can be transcended
Just remember me

I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly,
It is the last light, to fade into the rising sun

I'm with you
Whenever you tell, my story
For I am all I've done

Remember, I will still be here
As long as you hold me, in your memory
Remember me

I am the one voice in the cold wind, that whispers
And if you listen, you'll hear me call across the sky

As long as I still can reach out, and touch you
Then I will never die

Remember, I'll never leave you
If you will only
Remember me

Remember me...

Remember, I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory

Remember, when your dreams have ended
Time can be transcended
I live forever
Remember me

Remember me
Remember... me...

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the adventages of remember me songs | Reviewer: douae lamarti | 4/27/13

i love this song cause its take me away from this world .also its improve my language ,johs groban choose a beutiful words . and i always hear this song especialy when i get to sleep i feel very confortable lol

love it | Reviewer: sharp420 | 2/18/10

voice is awesome you feel something inside you when you listen to this song.a cold wave moves IN your body just like the song MY HEART WILL GO ON. both are amazing and let the tears come out of your eyes. love it

Elisheva The Way Stones | Reviewer: Nauck Anderson | 5/12/09

Hello. I am an have been working on a Book The Name of the book is called Elisheva The way Stones, as it is I have been looking for music that help's me write. Be as it is the book is a book set as flash backs to predictions. I realy like This mans work I can see why Celine Dion worked with him.

Remember | Reviewer: Louise | 5/1/09

My sister passed away in January at age 48, and to me the song is her speaking to me and all the people that love her. I could listen to it all day. It used to make me cry, until I associated it with my sister. Now it brings peace to me.

troy | Reviewer: jamie | 4/8/09

i first heard it in the ending of the movie TROY.
i recognized the voice but i didnt believe it at first as in Josh Groban,,, because it was so powerful in the sense that it was very heavenly..... that one might actually feel the pain of the story, which is TROY... well i for one really felt it i always cry at TROY's ending... great song for a great movie=)

REMEMBER is Unforgetable | Reviewer: WTWASP | 12/25/08

The first time I ever heard this song was at the closing credits after watching the movie TROY. The lyrics, the voice, the emotional invocation of the musical arrangement, it all grabbed me instantly and I impatiently awaited for the credit to get to the songs so I could find out the actual title and who performed it. I obtained the song immediately and it is now oneof my all time faves (and this is coming from a hardcore 80s metalhead). This song is gonna get played at my memorial when I'm gone, or at least, it had BETTER be played. I sung it once at karaoke and got a rush from not only the song's emotional properties, but the fact I did not trash it (my voice was nice to me that night), lol.
Love this song.

help | Reviewer: WAYNE | 12/11/07

can anyone help as me and a frind are in a dissagrement about if there was an origanel version of this song and who done it !! thanks appreciate it!!

Remember Me | Reviewer: Mr No-one | 10/17/07

Man dis song is awsome mon i like da voice of dis guy mon 4real.... he's voice is like an angel's voice mon... Oh i really like da movie mon i wacthed like 100 times mon... dis is da best movie i've ever watch i mi life mon.... mon all da best on ur new songs mon.....

Dis song has a meaning mon to people dat dey lost dere Love ones......

remember | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

I absolutely love this song. And the movie Troy. When I first heard this song I replayed it about five times in a row. He has such an amazing voice.

remember | Reviewer: fallon | 6/24/07


thanks jb | Reviewer: vikas | 6/10/07

wel first i want to say i c the movie troy 43 times becouse of this song.couse that time cds where not in the market,then i buy REMEMBER ME.but now i dont need cds for hearng the song couse its printed in my heart.

no words for this song | Reviewer: vikas | 6/10/07

well first i want to say i see the movie troy 51 times,becouse of this song.then i buy a cd of REMEMBER ME.but now i dont need i cd for hearng this song becouse its printed on my heart.thanks JB......

JG Is Amazing | Reviewer: | 6/4/07

I think he is just amazing. I love all of his music from both of his CDs. Even the Spanish songs I can't understand. This song, at the end of Troy, made me cry because it was perfect. It even inspired me to write my on short story just for this song. I love Josh and his voice is just so soothing and beautiful.

About J Groban | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

I like JB a lot beacause he have one of those voices that come to you and gives you wings to can fly where ever u want...

P.s. Listen J Groban when you're said

Hear the songs from Josh Groban | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

Josh Groban is one of the best i have ever heard with this type of singing. ok hes the only one i listen to from this kind of genre. Remember and you raise me up are a must hear. why you ask? well he has such a greate voice to both the songs hell he has a greate voice in all his songs so all and all i reate him a 10 star performer.

ps. he sang on american idol gives back.