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Bruce Springsteen Remember When the Music Lyrics

Last updated: 09/01/2008 11:00:00 AM

Remember when the music
Came from wooden boxes
Strung with silver wires
And as we sang
The words they would set our hearts on fire
For we believed in things
And so we'd sing

Remember when the music
Brought us all together
To stand inside the rain
And as we'd join our hands
We'd meet in the refrain
We had dreams to live
And we had hopes to give

Remember when the music
Was the best of what we'd dream of
For our's children's time
And as we sang we'd work
Cause we knew time
Was just a line
A gift to save
A gift the future gave

Remember when the music
Was a rock we could cling to
So we would not despair
And as we sang we'd knew
We'd hear an echo in the air
We were smiling then
And we would smile again
And all the times I listened
And all the times I heard
And all the melodies I'm missing
And all the magic words
All those potent voices
And all the choices we had then
I hope to find we've got
That kind of choice again

Remember when the music
Brought the night
Across the valley
As the day went down
And as we hum the melody
We'd be safe within the sound
And so we'd sleep
We had dreams to keep

Thanks to Jim Knowles-Tuell for submitting Remember When the Music Lyrics.

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