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Today Is The Day Remember To Forget Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2011 12:00:00 PM

Cold wind whistles loud
Listen to me
I am not your friend
Final end
Then you sleep
All I want to be
Can't you hear me
Ripped and torn
I am born at your feet
Last time you will wake
Then you answer
No I can't be true
This is you
Can't wake up

On my own
Can't defend myself from you
Locked away
Swept away
I know it's true my friend
I know it's you the end
Gone away
Swept away
Inside it hurts so bad
Outside a life I've had
Locked away
Swept away
In you can free yourself
It's true
Just be yourself
Gone away
Swept away
Locked away
Swept away

Once again you beat me down
Standing strong and feeling proud
Locked away
Swept away
Can't go down that road again
Feeling down
I'm at the end yeah
Gone away
Swept away
Love inside
It's yours to take
Love can't hide love so great
Locked away
Swept away
I can't release myself
I can't accept myself
Locked away
Swept away
Gone away
Swept away
Only you can free yourself
In my mind
Lonely slips away
In you I find
Fragments of my day
Long ago
I remember this
Can't hold on to I remember when
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