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Statik Selektah Reloaded Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 07:49:49 PM

… he can go to Statik Selektah
Trouble with his spins? He can call Statik Selektah
But now the guy’s gotta come up with his money every week no matter what
Ain’t sellin records? Fuck you, pay me
Oh you want him in your video
Fuck you, pay me
No one’s comin to your shows ah?
Fuck you, pay me
And then what do you do?
When you can’t borrow another dollar from your label
You can’t sell those singles on the streets
Statik Selektah lights a match
Puts your shitty record on fire, motherfucker

Okay, I’m Reloaded!
Let’s go

Yes yes yall and you don’t stop
Reflected unexpected, Brooklyn connected
Put it down now
Who’s hot? Who’s not?
Low town, this Statik Selektah
Show off, show off, Extended Play
Select, Statik, we are back at it
We’re back at it
This ain’t infringement
The flame’s bout to drop

Royal blues, street bumpin suits with army boots hopin the out now
And we out here, Queens County, call on the house
100 stacks on my favorite horse
300 dollars for a flavor bove
Keep it hidden in neighbor’s dog
So what the fuck is good?
Big fuckin body, back where it all started
Statik Selektah
Keep fuckin around with me you weak motherfuckin DJ’s
You’ll be nothing less
You can’t eat no more, man
You’ll be lucky if I’ll let you do a block party in the Bronx
You ain’t shit
Fuck outta here,man
Move forward and we shine
Get around new money, new deals
Same shit, new design
So all you label execs
Cut the check, you tuned into Statik Selekt
Extended Play
Yea, and it’s live from Bushwick
Boom bap rap, yea back on that hood shit
Tone touch, hold up, suckers get much quake
With all that fuckery, yall can’t fuck with me
Rollin still, overkillin
Yea 50 emcees, yea I know the drill
Stay cookin up shit yall supposed to feel
See I paved the way and Statik saved the day
Extended Play