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Against Me! Reinventing Axl Rose Lyrics

Last updated: 04/01/2012 11:00:00 AM

We want a band that plays loud and hard every night
And doesn't care how many people are counted at the door
That would travel one million miles
and ask for nothing but a plate of food and a place to rest

They'd strike chords that cut like a knife
It'd mean so much more than a t-shirt or a ticket stub
They would stop at nothing short of a massacre
And everyone would leave with the memory there was no place else in the world
And this was where they always belonged

And we would dance like no one was watching
With one fist in the air
Our arenas just basements
and bookstores across an underground America
With this fire we could light
With this fire we could (light)

Just gimme a scene where the music is free
And the beer is not the life of the party
And there's no need to shit talk or impress
'Cause honesty and emotion are not looked down upon

And every promise that's made and bragged
is meant if not kept
We'd do it all because we have to, not because we know why
Beyond a gender, race, and class,
we could find what really holds us back

Let's make everybody sing
That they are the beginning and ending of everything
And we are stronger than everything they taught us that we should fear

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The title achieves that which it condemns | Reviewer: Eliyahu | 3/31/12

I do like Against Me! Saw them live many years ago, and they left a good impression on me.

Anyways, I find the title a little confusing. If Axl Rose is the musical/entertainment industry devil that he is often thought of as by the current generation, doesn't placing him on your album cover just draw more attention to him?

Reinventing Axl Rose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/10

Guns and Roses wrote music with the main intention of selling that music and Against Me! wrote their music with the intention of legitimizing their own feelings and developing their own ideas of what the state of society and government should be. The song is a rejection of writing music to sell and to measure the success of Against Me! by commercial standards displays a misunderstanding of their music. To argue over which band is better is futile, the reason I listen to Against Me! is different from the reason a fellow music listener plays a Guns and Roses song, of course our standards of a good band are going to be different.

Fuck You | Reviewer: Kelland | 7/27/10

Saying that Against Me! has nothing to offer is pathetic. In their own right, every band has something to offer, music is subjective. In fact, Against Me! has nearly brought me to tears with their lyrics. This song has nothing to go with Guns N' Roses. Tom Gabel wrote this song, along with the hits from his first album alone, at the age of 17, which is more than you can say for yourself. And to the faggot John, you misunderstand: The reason that GNR made their way to the top is because they poured their hearts into their music. Mutually, it's what they lived for. Against Me! did the same thing, but their surrounded by plenty of other good music, and it's much harder to get out now.

I think you guys are missing the point of the song. | Reviewer: Holmes | 7/25/10

The song is not attacking G'n'R. It is simply stating something that apparently some of you haven't experienced. It's about sitting in a lonely little dive somewhere with you and your friend and listening to a band that gives it there all despite not being a big rock n roll act and the beauty of noise that follows it. It is about every kid that played there heart out for free beer and somewhere to sleep and its about the experience that someone else took away from that maybe to not live your life so materialistic and to love every moment of life you get to enjoy yourself in. I think you guys need to looks something deeper into the song than jus the title. there is not one word in that song that says anything about guns and roses or axl rose for that matter get over your metal days bro this aint the fuckin 80's.

So much BS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/10

This song is great, as is this band. The idea that g'n'r were somehow underground or edgy is laughable. They wern't standing against big hair arena bands, they just had a different image, of course they wanted the girls, money, drugs, arena shows etc. If you want to know what underground music was doing in the 80's listen to some hardcore, black flag, circle jerks, minor threat etc. Music which was made for the sake of music; more spacifically, music made because people were so pissed off with the music industry and the disgusting sugary snack dispensor culure surrounding it. They never wanted to get big and make money, that was absolutely not the plan, it was about seeing your friends and having a great time, punk is still the same. Thats why people saying Against Me are jelous or have never achieved anything are talking complete BS, they, and people who listen to punk, have a completely different notion of a bands success, and it doesnt involve private jets and world arena tours.

Thats what I think this song is about, theyre highlighting whats wrong with big bands and mainstream music in general. The idea of getting really big, making loads of money and only seeing your fans 20 feet away behind a crowd barrier is quite frankly, disgusting. Punk has such a community spirit, that whole way of thinking is very alien.

Instead of going to the high capacity venue, kind of seeing the band through a huge crowd, buying a crappy tshirt and going home a lot of punk bands are more likely to play a small club/house, hang around and talk to people about music, zines, catch up with guys in the other bands and old faces the last time they came through etc. Crash on a floor someone has offered and head off again after being paid enough for fuel and given a feeding. Are these bands famous? No. Do a lot of people listen to them? Not in comparison to U2. Are they therefore a failing band? Absolutely not.

I see certain bands in the way others look at big MTV bands except I meet these guys and get to know them, theyre real people, not godlike comic book characters you only see in magazines. A show a year or two ago saw Chris McCaughan come back to a house and play an acoustic set for hours. Now the Lawrence Arms are a big punk band and one I loved years ago as a teenager, think of them as a punk Foo Fighters. He wasn't playing for money, as an ego trip, to promote anything, he was just playing and hanging out and then went back to the hotel at about 3am.

Can you honestly say the Lawrence Arms have failed to achieve any goals? Theyre known worldwide (by a smallish number of people) theyre still liked a good 10 years after they started, theyre making enough money to get by and they still obviously love playing music.

THATS what this song is about.

i love axl rose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/10

I do love Axl Rose, and I think the previous reviews that state that Gn'R wrote great songs are true. I also think that the "selling out" deal is a thorny problem, because nobody can determine that except for the people that do it. Example: some people say Metallica sold out with the Black Album. Other people love it, Tony Iommi included. The mix-up here is what the song is actually saying about Axl Rose (at least I think that's where the error is). What I get out of it is that Axl STARTED that way. At the Whisky in LA, playing shows and kicking ass with "Welcome to the Jungle," when Slash and Axl and Izzy and Duff and Adler all managed to coexist and be great, because it is true that if you listen to Guns, there is a kind of fire there: Axl's cursing introspection, Slash's face-melting solos, the crushing rhythms, all of it. But it went downhill. It turned into the whole world wants these same five guys in leather, and Axl decides it's him. It's him, it's his, he can beat up his girlfriends and abuse his talent. So reinventing Axl Rose? Yes. We want the original beauty, we want fire, we want Axl, we want Guns N' Roses from 1988 when they were shining and brilliant and soaked in whiskey and angst, not ten years to turn out an album that is mediocre compared to its predecessors. This is for the Gn'R that was originally a punk band - a punk band not because of some brilliant political fire, but a punk band for the pure energy of middle finger in the air, screaming, jumping into the crowd, starting riots. Burn the place to the ground.
On the subject of Against Me! themselves, I can't speak to any of the bandmembers' attitudes, whether they have changed or not. I'm not a huge fan - I adore this song and a couple others - I am from Florida and love them for that, but I don't follow them on MySpace or whatever. I think that music and musicians tend to mature and change, and some people like it and some people don't. It is my belief that as long as they are playing music that they like because they like it and can support themselves doing it, that's okay. That's okay for them, that's okay for Metallica, it's okay for Lady Gaga. It's a profession, and I have respect for that.

lol? | Reviewer: john | 5/10/10

what has against me! written thats anywhere on the level as appetite for destruction? GN'R was all about emotion and attitude. Their music spands across generations and is loved throughout the world. They never "sold out". Their music is raw from the beginning to the end. Did they sell out because they actually sold out stadiums with 50,000+ people? Against Me! is just another wanna punk rock band that has nothing new to offer and obviously is making it no where.

Death of Romance | Reviewer: Weston Roof | 5/10/10

Nah, not saleouts, they just realized they had to do something to survive, so why not do what they're good at?

That's what all musicians do as they get older, they realize that they have to survive and need money in order to live then and in retirement. So they lose the passion for making their own music and own meanings in order to present their audiences with something they would like to make a living.
You can't be a passionate romantic looking to change the world everyday of your life! Someday you have to set down, and give in to society so that you can survive; its only instinctive.

Fuck the haters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

Fuck that anonymous guy saying that they probably havn't suffered a day living in middle-class suburbia, i suffer every fucking day of my life, you have absolutely no idea, why even leave comments if you're gonna talk shit? This is an excellent song, one of their greatest, and i agree with the fact about it stating clearly that music started being about drugs and not just influenced by them, even though it's a bit hypocritical of them seeing as they talk a LOT about drinking and other drugs, I still love them and this song and agree that music is slowly turning to shit.

It's clear what they are talking about. | Reviewer: a punker | 2/14/10

Against Me! is clearly referring to the SHITTY music scene before grunge. Rock was no longer about passion- it was about drugs, rediculously long solo's and even more rediculously enormous assholes. The song state's THEIR opinion, that the best kind of music, the kind they want, is a band with the passion that the punks in 77 had- not playing for money or fame. And doing whatever it takes to get fans, get money, and waste money, is symbolized by Axl Rose.
"And everyone would leave with the memory there was no place else in the world
And this was where they always belonged" always reminds of the first time I went to the Gilman St. club.

Seriously?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

Come on, I think that if this band knew anything about GNR and how they got started then they might have more respect. Guns lived on the streets and clawed their way to the top. Against Me! probably haven't suffered a day in their suburban middle class lives. And if I remember correctly, Against Me! have sold out as well.

GNR were plenty honest and emotional. If you listen to the songs, you can hear Axl pouring his heart and soul into his vocals. He definitely made some bad calls that I won't defend, but the music of Guns N' Roses will be remembered long after Against Me! is over.

Like It! | Reviewer: gcluskey | 6/19/09

I like this band, they're great. I also love GNR. I couldn't give a fuck if the band are dissing Axl Rose. He's misunderstood enough but I love his music. So what if he cancelled gigs and appears late on stage, he's still a great frontman. It would be amazing if GNR could play small venues to 100 people but that's just impossible. That band became so big and bloated very quickly cos everyone wanted a piece of them. To me the band are targeting the whole corporate music industry that bleeds money from music fans but I don't blame Axl Rose for that. He's just being used as a representative icon or example of the money hungry music industry monster!! I don't believe Axl is money hungry, just a talented singer that lives inside a crazy music world!

to jacob, baily and any other hater of AM! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/09

GnR was not the only real band around. Metallica, Anthrax just to name a couple. And what became of Axl, he became an asshole who didn't care about the music or the fans anymore and GnR music in general was only average. And fuck you to all the people who believe AM! sold out. You don't need the vindication of playing in arenas to know you made great music.

RE: Jacob Orwin | Reviewer: NYJ | 3/27/09

Hey "dumass"- You obviously have NO idea what you're talking about, as GnR were the ONLY real band around at the time; they were the anti-glam, anti-poser bastions of true rock and roll. Everything else was Poison or Bon Jovi...go listen to your emo garbage, you don't know dick about rock.

oh well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/08

They might've gone out like Bob Dylan, but that doesn't mean I'll stop listening. I think it would be better for people to take the words of the song as when and for what they were written rather than by who. If the band's true feelings are that of forsaken, then we are free to be one with the words as our own to enjoy. Because, of course, people don't live forever and though actions show character ideas are the foundations to humanity.