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Rock music, with a prescribed dose of hip–hop
antidepressants – that’s REHAB, the dysfunctional musical
duo so different from what you’d expect from deep in the
heart of Atlanta. But, since the region has been dubbed hip–
hop’s "dirty south," launching artists like Outkast and
Goodie Mob, REHAB’s – "Danny" Boone and "Brooks" and their
original brand of rocked–out rap is the next logical
"step." And today, REHAB gains notice for a musical style
all its own, based on a lifetime of life–changing
experiences that differ from those of More...

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Reviews about Rehab songs

big fan... BIG FAN... | Reviewer: heaven
    ------ About the song We Live performed by Rehab

i first heard about rehab on the radio when the bartender song came on so i looked them up on line and found out millions of stuff i didnt really need to no but hay more info helps me out and now i got my whole fam. listening to rehab we live is my fav song@!!!

Sad too me | Reviewer: Tamara
    ------ About the song Sittin' St a Bar performed by Rehab

Man this songs makes me sad my stupid ex and I listen to this song, he isn't exactly like this but I can totally see him doing this, he listened to this actually right before we broke up .....ha....random....yeah I still love this song though even though it will always remind me of him.........</3

Song is also Known as | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song That's Love performed by Rehab

This song is also Known as "Romanticising" its on the "to whom it may consume" album track number 7

i only just noticed this about an hour or so ago when i listened to my itunes playlist fully and wondered why it played same song twice

Sittin in a car | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sittin' St a Bar performed by Rehab

Yea this song is Great! My bf just sits in his car with the kicker speaker sometimes and listens to this song.... Its crazy though. I loved it so much I took the cd from him =]. It is a good song.

I love you Still | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sittin' St a Bar performed by Rehab

This song always reminds me of my X. We always listened to it when we made up from a big fight. We would park at some rock piles and just talk and listen to this song. He's gone for good now but I still love his drunk ass.

Adore Rehab | Reviewer: shay
    ------ About the song Graffiti the World performed by Rehab

Lovin' all Rehab. I'm a newbie to their scene, but I went to the April 28th concert in Macon and IT ROCKED

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